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Nshama Town Square Projects For Sale

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Nshama Town Square

Nshama Property Developer, a prominent real estate developer in the UAE, stands out as a pioneer in creating sustainable, world-class communities that seamlessly merge smart technology with sophisticated architectural designs. 

Founded in September 2014 under the visionary leadership of its CEO Fred Durie, who boasts an impressive track record in mega-developments across the region, including illustrious projects such as Downtown Dubai and Arabian Ranches, Nshama has rapidly ascended the ranks of the real estate industry.

Central to Nshama’s mission is its aspiration to be the “heart and soul of the Dubai residential community.” It envisions not only crafting expansive mega-communities catering to families but also integrating an array of lifestyle amenities. 

These encompass community parks, healthcare centers, shopping malls, diverse culinary establishments, charming cafes, retail outlets, recreational spaces, and educational institutions. This holistic approach is designed to create dynamic and interconnected environments that cater to a myriad of needs.

Nshama Developer portfolio encompasses a diverse array of trendy, dynamic, and sustainable living spaces. These offerings span from family-oriented townhouses to contemporary apartments equipped with modern amenities, top-notch facilities, and innovative lifestyle features. The emphasis is on providing residents with homes that encapsulate comfort, convenience, and a sense of community.

Moreover, Nshama Dubai is committed to crafting environmentally conscious neighborhoods. The company specializes in green architecture, harnessing low-energy lighting, deploying smart metering, and integrating micro-grid technology to usher in clean energy. 

Green lifestyle walkways, cycling trails, eco-trams, and personalized rapid transit systems promise to facilitate convenient and sustainable commuting. Nshama Property Developer Dubai forward-thinking extends to establishing 5G communities, assuring free Wi-Fi connectivity that seamlessly blends with the contemporary lifestyle.

Key Features:
  • Fred Durie is the CEO of the company
  • The company was established in 2014
  • Time Square Dubai is the flagship project of Nshama
  • Plans to Develop 5G Communities
  • World Class residential projects with the flexible payment plan 
  • Thoughtfully curated amenities

Nshama Projects:

Nshama’s portfolio includes an array of noteworthy projects that capture the essence of sophisticated urban living. Warda, a mid-rise apartment tower located within Town Square Dubai, offers scenic park views and proximity to key destinations like the Al Maktoum International Airport and the renowned Dubai Mall. Zahra presents a collection of stylish townhouses enriched with green parks and jogging trails. Zahra Breeze extends exquisite apartments and exceptional amenities.

As the real estate industry in Dubai flourishes, Nshama projects stands as a dynamic force, shaping the landscape of sustainable living through innovative designs, robust technology, and a commitment to fostering vibrant communities. Whether it’s an elegant apartment, a stylish townhouse, or a visionary community development, Nshama’s offerings resonate with modern aspirations, creating spaces that redefine urban living in the UAE.

About The Company:

Nshama Property Developer Dubai, a leading force in the realm of real estate, is renowned for its commitment to crafting sustainable, world-class communities that seamlessly amalgamate intelligence with sophistication. Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Al Qudra, Dubai, Nshama has swiftly evolved into a premier player in the industry, spearheading the creation of integrated lifestyle communities that resonate with modern aspirations.

Reflecting its name and essence, Nshama Properties aspires to become the heartbeat and essence of the Dubai residential community. Beyond merely offering mega communities tailored for families, Nshama Developer envisions a holistic living experience. 

Its developments encompass a diverse array of lifestyle offerings, ranging from sprawling community parks, health centers, and malls to retail stores, restaurants, hotels, cafes, play areas, and educational institutes. This comprehensive approach nurtures vibrant, thriving environments that cater to diverse needs and desires.

At the core of Nshama ethos is a dedication to sustainability, smart design, and sophistication. The company is steadfast in its mission to develop world-class communities that harmonize with the latest advancements in technology, architecture, and urban planning. With a firm belief in holistic living, Nshama endeavors transcend brick and mortar, encapsulating the spirit of interconnectedness and quality of life.

One of the pinnacle achievements within Nshama portfolio is the transformative Town Square Dubai. This flagship project exemplifies the company’s commitment to crafting intelligently designed communities. 

As a privately held entity, Nshama Dubai footprint extends beyond its developments. With a workforce of 51-200 employees, the company operates at the forefront of innovation, spearheading projects that redefine the landscape of urban living. 

Nshama Town Square Dubai:

Strategically located near Al Qudra Road, Town Square Dubai spans over 154,000 square meters, boasting modern and contemporary architecture. The community’s design encompasses open spaces, thoughtful infrastructure, and a profound emphasis on sustainability, presenting residents with a unique blend of functionality and aesthetics. 

A highlight within Nshama’s expansive portfolio is the iconic Town Square Dubai. This master development spans a sprawling 31 million square feet, encompassing more than 3,000 townhouses and 18,000 apartments. The community offers residents abundant lush green spaces, featuring over 154,000 square feet of parks and 16 captivating community gardens. 

With jogging and biking trails thoughtfully integrated, Town Square Dubai is a haven for nature enthusiasts. Anticipated for delivery in 2024, this development presents an array of promising investment opportunities within the mid-market sector. 

Key Features:
  • Located along Al Qudra Road 
  • It has an extensive network of jogging tracks and cycling tracks 
  • The community spans around 154,000 sq. m

Town Square Dubai Master Plan:

The Nshama Town Square master plan envisions a dynamic and balanced living experience featuring an array of amenities and spaces that cater to various aspects of modern life. This meticulously designed community spans over 750 acres, offering a harmonious blend of smart and green living.

Covering an area equivalent to 11 football pitches, Nshama Town Square Dubai boasts a comprehensive layout that embraces nature, fitness, entertainment, and convenience. 

With a 10 km nature trail network and 28,000 m² of lush green areas, residents are encouraged to connect with the outdoors and lead a healthy lifestyle. The presence of 3.4 km² of cycling paths and 6 km of jogging trails encourages active living and exploration.

The community proudly features a central park that spans over 50,000 m², creating a focal point for communal gatherings and recreational activities. For entertainment enthusiasts, the Reel Cinema promises cinematic experiences right at your doorstep.

Nshama Town Square Dubai is not just about outdoor experiences; it’s designed to cater to diverse interests. The master plan includes a Vida Hotel, more than 600 retail outlets, and a variety of dining and shopping options, ensuring residents have access to a vibrant and self-contained urban environment.

For sports enthusiasts, the community is equipped with 8,000 m² of basketball courts and skate parks, providing spaces for both leisure and competitive activities. The well-thought-out design also includes provisions for a modern lifestyle, with facilities like a private clinic and retail amenities.

Key Features:
  • Size Equals to 11 Football Pitches
  • 10 km Nature Trail Network
  • 28,000 m2 of Green Area
  • 3.4 km2 Cycling Paths
  • Reel Cinema
  • Central Park of over 50,000 m2
  • 154,000 m2 of Parks
  • Vida Hotel
  • Over 600 Retail Outlets
  • 8000 m2 Basketball Courts & Skate Parks
  • 6 km Jogging Trails

Town Square Dubai Location:

The vibrant Town Square is nestled within the bustling heart of Dubai Land, also fondly known as Wadi Al Safa 7. Town Square Dubai location offers an exceptional advantage, as it is seamlessly connected to the arterial network of Dubai’s primary highways. 

This unparalleled accessibility not only enhances the convenience for the esteemed residents but also ensures swift and efficient commutes to and from the pivotal landmarks that define the city’s pulse.

With its prime position at the crossroads of Dubai’s major thoroughfares, Town Square stands as a testament to modern urban planning, where connectivity and convenience converge. Town Square location map not only facilitates effortless journeys throughout the city but also serves as a dynamic hub, inviting individuals from diverse walks of life to come together and create a tapestry of shared experiences.

  • DWC Airport-21 mins
  • Dubai Int Airport-30 mins
  • Arabian Ranches-10 mins
  • Downtown Dubai-22 mins
  • Dubai Mall-22 mins
  • Burj Khalifa-22 mins
  • Dubai Expo 2020-20 mins
  • Burj al Arab-20 mins

Nshama Town Square Floor Plans:

Nshama Town Square stands as a testament to meticulous urban planning, modern living, and a vibrant community spirit. 

Prospective tenants have the exciting opportunity to explore the meticulously designed floor plans of Town Square community, enabling them to visualize their future living spaces in remarkable detail. With the ability to view both 2D and immersive 3D representations, tenants can gain a comprehensive understanding of the layout, configuration, and spatial dynamics of various communities and buildings within this thriving neighborhood.

Town Square Dubai Properties for Sale:

Nshama Town Square stands as a beacon of allure, captivating both discerning renters and astute investors alike. The cornerstone of its appeal lies in the exceptional construction quality that forms the very foundation of this remarkable community. 

Each structure is meticulously crafted to exemplify not just architectural finesse but a commitment to lasting excellence, ensuring that residents and investors alike reap the rewards of a truly superior living environment. From the inviting embrace of comfortable apartments to the charming elegance of townhouses, Dubai Town Square opens its arms to a diverse audience of investors, homebuyers, and tenants, each with their unique dreams and desires. 

  • 1 Bedroom Properties for sale in Town Square
  • 2 Bedroom Properties for sale in Town Square
  • 3 Bedroom Properties for sale in Town Square
  • 4 Bedroom Properties for sale in Town Square

Townhouses for Sale in Town Square:

Nestled within the heart of the city, Town Square Dubai emerges as a shining gem in the realm of real estate, captivating the discerning eye with a trinity of alluring attributes. 

The promise of lucrative returns, a strategic and prime location, and a market pricing that stands firmly at the forefront of competition. From open-concept living areas that encourage togetherness to private corners that offer solitude, these spaces are designed to accommodate your lifestyle. Whether you’re entertaining guests, enjoying a quiet evening, or creating cherished memories with your loved ones, Town houses for Town Square provide the ideal backdrop. 

  • 3-bedroom townhouse for sale in Town Square is between AED 1.7M to AED 2.5M. 
  • 4-bedroom townhouse for sale in Town Square is between AED 1.9M to AED 3.5M.

Apartments for sale in Town Square: 

Nestled within the heart of this Town Square community, these apartments redefine the art of sophisticated city living. If you’re in pursuit of a residence that embodies luxury, convenience, and a vibrant community spirit, your search ends here. 

Town Square Apartments stand as architectural marvels, embodying the perfect synergy between contemporary design and functional living. Each apartment is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship and thoughtful planning, where every detail is carefully considered to enhance your everyday experience.

  • Studios Town Square apartments for sale are available for AED 380k to AED 620k. 
  • 1-bed apartments for sale in Town Square are for AED 530k to AED 911k. 
  • 2-bed apartments for sale in Town Square are around AED 735k to AED 1.7M. 
  • 3-bed Town Square apartments for sale are for AED 1.1M to AED 2.2M

Town Square Properties for Rent:

Town Square presents a diverse range of rental properties tailored to suit a variety of preferences. From cozy apartments designed for single professionals to spacious townhouses perfect for families, there’s a Town Square property that caters to your unique needs. Whether you’re a trendsetter, a family-oriented individual, or someone seeking the perfect balance between work and leisure, Town Square has the ideal property for you.

Town Square Apartments for Rent:

Town Square boasts an array of apartments for rent, each catering to a diverse range of preferences. Whether you’re a solo professional, a couple, or a family, these apartments offer a spectrum of options to suit your lifestyle. From cozy studios to spacious multi-bedroom units, Town Square ensures that you find the perfect apartment that aligns with your needs and desires.

  • Studios Town Square apartments for rent are priced from AED 30k to AED 68k. 
  • 1-bed Town Square apartments for rent are between AED 36k to AED 120k. 
  • A 2-bed Town Square apartments for rent annually cost around AED 60k to AED 150k.
  • 3-bedroom Town Square apartments for rent are available for AED 115k to AED 145k.

Town Square ROI Trend:

It is the consistently favorable ROI that investors have been able to reap. Town Square’s enviable location within the heart of the city offers easy access to key commercial centers, cultural hubs, and major transport routes. This translates into high demand from both renters and buyers, ensuring a steady stream of income for investors. 

  • The average ROI on a single apartment unit is around 8%
  • The average ROI on a single townhouse is around 7%

Town Square Features and Amenities:

This vibrant enclave is designed with a focus on enhancing every aspect of life, offering a multitude of features and amenities that redefine the art of urban living. From verdant parks to cutting-edge facilities, Town Square’s comprehensive offerings ensure that residents enjoy a lifestyle that transcends the ordinary. 

Nature’s embrace takes center stage in Town Square, where lush green parks serve as serene sanctuaries for relaxation and recreation. These well-maintained green spaces offer the perfect setting for leisurely strolls, picnics with family and friends, or simply unwinding amidst the tranquility of nature.

  • Shopping Malls
  • Restaurants
  • Clinics and hospitals 
  • Gyms 
  • Swimming pools

Town Square Dubai Shopping Mall:

Nestled within the dynamic cityscape of Dubai, Town Square emerges as a flourishing community that offers modern living with a touch of elegance. Beyond its vibrant streets and charming neighborhoods, a world of shopping delights awaits in the form of nearby malls. These retail havens seamlessly complement the Town Square experience, adding a layer of convenience, diversity, and luxury to residents’ lives.

  • Dubai Mall-21 minutes 
  • Ibn Battuta Mall-22 minutes
  • Mall of the Emirates-25 minutes

Town Square Dubai Restaurants:

Town Square Dubai is more than just a community. It’s a culinary journey that caters to the diverse palates and preferences of its residents. Nestled within this vibrant enclave are a plethora of restaurants that range from local delights to international cuisines, promising a culinary experience that’s as diverse as it is exquisite. Let’s take a tantalizing tour through the array of dining options that Town Square Dubai has to offer.

  • The Lime Tree Cafe and Kitchen 
  • Boutique Kitchen 
  • KFC
  • Starbucks
  • Subway 
  • Krispy Crème.
  • Zaatar W Zeit
  • Spill The Bean coffee shop

Schools near Town Square Dubai:

Town Square Dubai schools uphold the highest standards of education while embracing the unique cultural diversity of the city. From international curricula to local educational approaches, these schools offer a spectrum of choices that cater to various preferences and requirements. The top schools located near the vicinity are,

  • Fairgreen International School
  • South View School 
  • Dubai Knowledge Park

Public Transport in Town Square Dubai:

Town Square Dubai’s proximity to major roads and highways allows residents to access the Dubai Metro with ease. The nearest metro stations are within a short drive, offering a quick and efficient mode of transportation for those looking to travel to different parts of the city. 

The metro system is not only efficient but also provides a comfortable and air-conditioned travel experience. Modern ride-sharing services have become an integral part of urban transportation, and Town Square Dubai is no exception. Residents can easily access platforms like Uber and Careem to request rides for comfortable and convenient travel within and beyond the community.

  • Bus link J02 
  • Hayat Townhouses 1 bus stop
  • Mira Town Centre bus stop
  • Mira Oasis bus stop 
  • Mira 5 Community bus stop

Town Square Dubai Supermarkets:

Town Square Dubai is a community that understands the importance of convenience in everyday living. Nestled within this vibrant enclave are supermarkets that cater to residents’ grocery needs, ensuring that fresh produce, household essentials, and gourmet treats are just a stone’s throw away. Let’s explore the supermarkets that contribute to the accessibility and ease of life in Town Square Dubai.

  • Carrefour Market
  • Spinneys

Things To Do In Town Square Dubai:

Town Square Dubai offers a host of sports and recreational facilities that cater to active lifestyles. Engage in friendly matches on the sports courts, challenge yourself with jogging tracks, or dive into the inviting swimming pools. The community ensures that fitness and well-being are seamlessly integrated into everyday living. 

Town Square Dubai’s community spirit comes to life through a calendar of events that cater to residents of all ages. From festive celebrations to cultural gatherings, these events create an opportunity for neighbors to connect, socialize, and build lasting bonds within the community. The top things to do in this community are,

  • Battle Park Nshama
  • Wave Rider
  • Skate Park
  • Town Square Trampoline Park 
  • Communal gym
  • Spa and Salons
  • Community Swimming Pool 

Town Square Dubai Clinics and Hospitals:

The healthcare facilities near Town Square Dubai provide a spectrum of medical services that cater to various health needs. From routine medical consultations and preventive care to diagnostics and specialized treatments, residents can avail themselves of a comprehensive array of medical services within their own community. The medical teams at Town Square Dubai’s clinics and hospitals are composed of experienced and skilled healthcare professionals. These experts are dedicated to providing personalized medical care, ensuring that each patient’s health concerns are addressed with expertise and compassion. 

  • Aster Clinic -10 minutes
  • Emirates Hospital-14 minutes

Town Square Dubai Religious Centers:

The religious centers in Town Square Dubai encompass a spectrum of faiths, reflecting the multicultural fabric of the community. Whether you practice Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism, or any other religion, Town Square Dubai ensures that residents have access to places of worship that align with their beliefs.

Town Square Dubai Mosques:

  • Mudon Mosque
  •  Al Madinah Al Mustadama Masjid
  • Mira Prayer Hall

Town Square Dubai Churches:

  • United Christian Church of Dubai
  • St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church
  • Covenant Hope Church
  • St Mina Coptic Orthodox Church
  • Evangelical Christian Church of Dubai

Nshama Top Projects:

Nshama’s legacy since its inception in 2014 is synonymous with the success of its flagship project, Town Square Dubai. The company’s remarkable journey is underpinned by its role as a cornerstone of the Dubai residential community. 

The artistry lies not only in creating self-contained mega communities but also in curating an array of lifestyle offerings that encompass parks, health centers, retail outlets, educational institutions, dining establishments, and more. Each Nshama project reflects a holistic vision that encompasses all dimensions of a modern, vibrant, and fulfilling lifestyle. 

Nshama Apartments:

Nshama, a Dubai-based urban lifestyle expert, believes in creating homes that transcend the ordinary, offering a sense of belonging and connection with family and the community. At Nshama, a home is not just a roof over your head; it’s a place where you feel rooted, inspired, and surrounded by like-minded individuals who share your aspirations. Nshama’s philosophy centers on enhancing your living experience and fostering a thriving community spirit. Their commitment to quality and innovation is evident in their range of exceptional properties.

These apartments are designed for the new generation of millennials, entrepreneurs, and creative minds seeking a holistic environment for living, working, and playing. The apartments are characterized by modern architectural and interior design, creating a space that is both stylish and up-to-date. Residents benefit from a collaborative, sustainable, and urban hub that encourages a sense of community. With shared work and play facilities, residents can connect, brainstorm ideas, and unwind together in a relaxed ambiance.

Warda by Nshama:

Warda stands as a mid-rise apartment tower situated within the vibrant expanse of Town Square Dubai. This development boasts panoramic views of serene parks and is enveloped by a plethora of retail outlets. Embraced by lush greenery, Warda provides a living canvas adorned with cafes, retail destinations, and more right at your doorstep. 

The surrounding area is graced by verdant trails, making it an ideal setting for outdoor activities such as jogging and cycling. Notably situated at the crossroads of Al Qudra Road and Emirates Road, Warda seamlessly connects you to key destinations, being a brief 22 minutes away from both Al Maktoum International Airport and Dubai Mall. 

  • Starting Price: AED 948,888
  • Location: Town Square Dubai
  • Bedrooms: 2BR 3BR
  • Type: Apartments
Zahra Breeze Apartments in Town Square Dubai:

Nestled within the sought-after Town Square Dubai development, Zahra Breeze Apartments offer a diverse range of studio, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom options, catering to various preferences and lifestyles. The architecture reflects clean lines and contemporary aesthetics, creating a stunning contrast with the natural surroundings that envelop the complex.

Immerse yourself in a lavish lifestyle that extends beyond your apartment’s walls. Residents of Zahra Breeze Apartments have access to an array of amenities that prioritize convenience, relaxation, and wellness. The development features a well-equipped gym and sports facilities, encouraging an active lifestyle for all ages. Additionally, the nearby jogging and biking trails provide an opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts to indulge in invigorating activities.

  • Starting Price: AED 778,888
  • Type: Apartments
  • Bedrooms: 2BR 3BR
  • Location: Town Square Dubai
Nshama Hayat Boulevard:

Hayat Boulevard by Nshama presents a sophisticated living experience in the heart of Town Square, Dubai. This mid-rise apartment tower offers an array of 1, 2, and 3-bedroom units designed to cater to modern lifestyles. These properties redefine luxury with their contemporary architectural design that emphasizes eco-friendliness while offering breathtaking views of the community’s lush green surroundings.

Living in Hayat Boulevard provides residents with not only elegant living spaces but also an entire neighborhood of convenience and leisure. The development encompasses round-the-clock security services and an array of recreational facilities, ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment for all. What’s more, residents can avail themselves of the many amenities within the vicinity, such as a health clinic, a state-of-the-art gym, and a fine-dining restaurant, enhancing the overall quality of life.

  • Starting Price: AED 625,888
  • Type: Apartments
  • Bedrooms: 1BR 2BR 4BR
  • Location: Town Square Dubai
Jenna Apartments by Nshama Developer:

Jenna Apartments, a remarkable residential project developed by Nshama, offers a blend of contemporary design and convenient urban living within Town Square Dubai. This development boasts intelligently designed interiors that maximize natural light, creating bright and inviting spaces for its residents. With an array of apartment choices, including 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom units, Jenna Apartments cater to a diverse range of preferences and lifestyles.

Located in a prime area just minutes away from Al Maktoum Airport and the iconic Dubai Mall, Jenna Apartments offer not only stylish living spaces but also unparalleled accessibility to key destinations. The convenient proximity to these major hubs enhances the practicality and convenience of daily life for the residents of Jenna Apartments.

  • Starting Price: AED 948,888
  • Type: Apartments
  • Bedrooms: 2BR 3BR
  • Location: Town Square Dubai
Rawda Apartment Complex in Town Square Dubai:

Rawda Apartments, an exquisite residential complex nestled within Town Square Dubai, offers a unique blend of modern living and serene landscapes. This four-building development by Nshama Properties boasts captivating vistas of the Town Square Park, creating an enchanting ambiance for its residents. The apartments available for sale within Rawda Apartments are characterized not only by their stunning views but also by the wide array of high-class amenities that they offer.

Rawda Apartments exemplify Nshama’s commitment to detail and design, evident in every aspect of the development. The integration of nature and contemporary architecture is seamlessly woven into the design of these residential buildings. Each unit reflects meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a comfortable and elegant living experience.

  • Starting Price: AED 910,888
  • Type: Apartments
  • Bedrooms: 2BR 3BR
  • Location: Town Square Dubai
UNA Apartments by Nshama, Dubai:

UNA Apartments, developed by Nshama Properties in the vibrant area of Town Square Dubai, presents a harmonious blend of contemporary living and modern conveniences. These elegant flats serve as a testament to the technological advancements and luxurious lifestyle that Dubai offers, with facilities and amenities that are not only up-to-date but also designed to cater to the needs of today’s discerning residents.

Situated at the crossroads of Al Qudra Road and Emirates Road, UNA Apartments provide a strategically advantageous location that allows residents to seamlessly access the bustling city while enjoying the tranquility of their abode. This prime positioning ensures that residents can easily connect with key areas in Dubai, making daily commutes and explorations effortless.

  • Starting Price: AED 444,888
  • Type: Apartments
  • Bedrooms: Studio 1BR
  • Location: Town Square Dubai
Nshama Parkside Apartments:

Discover the exquisite Parkside Apartments for sale, offering a prime location within the vibrant Town Square community. Developed by the renowned Nshama Property Developer, these exceptional residential offerings present an array of 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom apartments, each serving as the perfect canvas for your distinct lifestyle aspirations.

Nestled within the heart of Town Square, a popular and family-friendly community in Dubai, Parkside Apartments beckon with modern elegance and a wealth of amenities. Residents are greeted with a choice of 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartment configurations, ensuring a living space that suits your unique needs.

The allure of Parkside Apartments extends beyond its contemporary architecture. A host of amenities await within this development, including an inviting outdoor swimming pool where relaxation meets recreation. For the young ones, a dedicated kid’s play area promises endless moments of fun and laughter. Additionally, a fully furnished gymnasium caters to those who prioritize health and wellness as part of their daily routine.

  • Starting Price: AED 720,888
  • Type: Apartments
  • Bedrooms: 1BR 2BR 3BR
  • Location: Town Square Dubai
Parkview Apartments by Nshama:

Discover a new level of residential luxury with the exquisite Parkview Apartments, a distinctive collection of residences within the vibrant Town Square Dubai community. Developed by the renowned Nshama, these apartments redefine modern living and offer a variety of 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom Ready-To-Move In options, ensuring that your dream home becomes a reality.

Situated in the heart of Town Square Dubai, Parkview Apartments present a blend of elegance and functionality. Each apartment is meticulously designed to offer a unique living experience, harmonizing comfort with contemporary aesthetics. With a selection of floor plans to choose from, you can find the perfect layout that suits your preferences and lifestyle.

  • Starting Price: AED 775,888
  • Type: Apartments
  • Bedrooms: 1BR 2BR 3BR
  • Location: Town Square Dubai
Nshama Townhouses:

Nshama has crafted a series of exceptional townhouse communities, each designed to offer a unique blend of modern living, comfort, and convenience. These townhouse developments provide residents with a serene and exclusive environment while keeping them connected to the heart of Dubai’s urban attractions and amenities.

Noor Townhouses by Nshama:

Noor Townhouses epitomize contemporary and spacious living, surrounded by lush green open spaces, offering an unparalleled experience in modern urban living. Nestled within the heart of Dubai’s Town Square, this residential haven provides an exceptional blend of comfort and convenience, making it a remarkable choice for those seeking a vibrant yet serene lifestyle. These townhouses present an exquisite range of 3 and 4-bedroom units. The architecture beautifully integrates contemporary design with natural elements, ensuring a seamless blend between indoor and outdoor spaces. Noor Townhouses by Nshama redefine the concept of comfortable living, enveloped by meticulously landscaped gardens that bring the essence of the outdoors into your home.

  • Starting Price: AED 1,350,888
  • Type: Townhouses
  • Bedrooms: 3 & 4 Bedroom
  • Location: Town Square Dubai
Nshama Developer Safi Townhouses:

Nshama Developers present the exquisite Safi Townhouses, a meticulously crafted collection of residences within the vibrant community of Town Square Dubai. Embracing a contemporary concept, these Safi Townhouses, now available for sale, draw inspiration from their natural surroundings while incorporating elegant arabesque features. Nestled amidst lush landscapes and offering picturesque views, Safi Townhouses stand as opulent properties that cater to diverse preferences, boasting generously spacious 3- and 4-bedroom townhouses.

  • Starting Price: AED 1,230,888
  • Type: Townhouses
  • Bedrooms: 3BR 4BR
  • Location: Town Square Dubai
Naseem Townhouses by Nshama Properties:

Naseem Townhouses, a prestigious project by Nshama Property Developers Dubai, offers a contemporary living experience within the bustling and commercial community of Town Square Dubai. These modern residences are intricately designed, featuring 3-bedroom and 4-bedroom layouts that cater to a range of lifestyle preferences. If you’re considering purchasing a townhouse in Dubai, don’t miss the opportunity to explore the remarkable offerings of Naseem Townhouses.

In the heart of Town Square Dubai, Naseem Townhouses stand as a testament to Nshama’s commitment to combining modern luxury with functional design. These residences are a harmonious blend of new-world comforts and old-world charm, offering homeowners the latest in modern luxuries set against the backdrop of an idyllic landscaped environment.

  • Starting Price: AED 1,699,888
  • Type: Townhouses
  • Bedrooms: 4BR
  • Location: Town Square Dubai
SAMA Townhouses, Town Square Dubai:

Situated within the vibrant landscape of Town Square Dubai, SAMA Townhouses stand as a testament to Nshama’s commitment to providing exceptional living spaces. Comprising a range of 3- and 4-bedroom residences, these townhouses offer spacious layouts designed to cater to varying needs and preferences. Each residence is meticulously crafted to provide an environment that exudes comfort, style, and practicality.

What sets SAMA Townhouses apart is not just the quality of construction but also the strategic location within Town Square Dubai. Situated to the west of the development, these townhouses are in proximity to Al Qudra Road, ensuring residents have easy access to major transportation routes. Town Square Dubai itself is a visionary residential community developed by Nshama, located at the crossroads of Al Qudra Road and Emirates Road.

  • Starting Price: AED 1,620,888
  • Type: Apartments
  • Bedrooms: 4BR
  • Location: Town Square Dubai
Zahra Townhouses by Nshama Properties:

Discover the allure of Zahra Townhouses, an exclusive collection of elegant townhouses nestled within the vibrant community of Town Square Dubai. These townhouses redefine modern living by offering a perfect blend of sophisticated design, convenient amenities, and abundant natural beauty.

Positioned as an integral part of the Town Square Dubai development, Zahra Townhouses provide residents with an exceptional living experience. Embrace a healthier lifestyle with numerous jogging trails and verdant parks that are thoughtfully integrated into this premium development. These outdoor spaces invite residents to enjoy leisurely strolls, invigorating runs, and moments of relaxation amidst nature’s embrace.

  • Starting Price: AED 1,120,000
  • Bedrooms: 3BR 4BR
  • Location: Town Square Dubai
  • Type: Townhouses