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Mohammed Bin Rashid City (MBR City)

Mohammed Bin Rashid City (MBR City)

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Mohammed Bin Rashid City (MBR City)

Mohammed Bin Rashid City (MBR City) is a testament to Dubai’s unwavering commitment to innovation, luxury, and urban development. This massive initiative, which His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai’s visionary ruler, first announced in 2012, has completely changed the city’s landscape and is further revolutionizing urban living.

One of the world’s largest mixed-use developments, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid City project is reported to have cost AED 30 billion. This extensive metropolis encompasses many attractions, amenities, and residential options catering to residents and visitors alike.

One of the most remarkable features of the project is its dedication to leisure and entertainment. These attractions create a dynamic environment that fosters recreation and relaxation amidst the bustling city.

Furthermore, MBR City is home to the world’s largest shopping center, offering a retail paradise for avid shoppers. This mega mall provides an unparalleled shopping experience with various high-end brands and products.

However, the project is not just a hub for leisure and commerce; it also offers 45 million square feet of freehold property. For individuals wishing to invest in Dubai’s real estate market, this wide property portfolio offers residential alternatives that range from opulent Mohammed Bin Rashid City Villas to elegant apartments.


In A Nutshell

Briefly stated, Mohammed Bin Rashid City is an outstanding construction in Dubai that provides opulent residential options such as apartments, villas, and mansions with cutting-edge designs. It is set to house one of Dubai’s largest malls, Meydan One Mall, providing unparalleled shopping and entertainment experiences. Properties for sale in Mohammed bin Rashid city include apartments, villas and Townhouses for sale in Mohammed Bin Rashid City. Other than that you can find Penthouses for sale in Mohammed Bin Rashid City, and Duplexes for sale in Mohammed Bin Rashid City.

Mohammed Bin Rashid City location offers quick access to key areas in Dubai, such as Downtown Dubai, Business Bay, Dubai Design District, and Al Quoz, making it a convenient place to live and work.

The city prioritizes green spaces within its residential areas, offering scenic views and promoting a healthy, vibrant lifestyle for its residents. It also boasts the world’s largest artificial lagoon, creating a stunning waterfront environment.

For investors, MBR City Dubai provides valuable options in the Dubai real estate market, with a range of properties that promise both luxury and potential returns on investment. With its visionary design, world-class amenities, and prime location, the project stands as a symbol of Dubai’s commitment to modern urban living and economic growth.

  • MBR City offers luxurious futuristic apartments, villas, and mansions.
  • It’s set to feature Meydan One Mall, one of Dubai’s largest shopping destinations.
  • Convenient access to Downtown Dubai, Business Bay, Dubai Design District, and Al Quoz.
  • Extensive green spaces provide scenic views in residential areas.
  • The city boasts the world’s largest man-made lagoon and offers valuable investment opportunities in Dubai’s real estate market.

Master Plan

The master plan for Mohammed Bin Rashid City (MBR City) is a visionary blueprint for Dubai’s future urban development. Spanning vast expanses of land, this ambitious project encompasses a meticulously designed cityscape that combines innovation, sustainability, and luxury.

At its core, the master plan prioritizes green spaces, ensuring residents enjoy a healthy and vibrant lifestyle. It includes the world’s largest artificial lagoon, creating a stunning waterfront environment for leisure and relaxation.

MBR City’s strategic location provides quick access to key areas in Dubai, including Downtown Dubai, Business Bay, Dubai Design District, and Al Quoz, making it a convenient place to live and work.

The master plan also features diverse residential options, from futuristic apartments to opulent villas and mansions. These properties are designed with cutting-edge architecture and green building standards, emphasizing energy conservation and environmental sustainability.

With world-class amenities, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and a commitment to diverse interests, MBR City Dubai master plan sets the stage for a thriving and modern urban hub that symbolizes Dubai.


Community Overview

MBR City is a testament to Dubai’s commitment to visionary urban development. Originally projected for full completion by 2020, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid City project continues to evolve and redefine modern living. This thriving community encompasses a variety of high-end residential options, making it a sought-after destination for residents and investors alike.

Housing in MBR City is diverse, catering to different preferences. The community features high-rise and mid-rise Mohammed bin Rashid city Apartments buildings, luxurious Mohammed Bin Rashid City Villas, and townhouses available for rent and sale. These properties often boast futuristic designs, offering residents a taste of cutting-edge architecture and contemporary living.

MBR City guarantees smooth access to the rest of Dubai because of its advantageous location near important thoroughfares like Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E311), Sheikh Zayed Road (E11), and Al Khail Road (E44). The region is home to famous international educational institutions for families with school-age children, including Hartland International School and North London Collegiate School.

One of MBR Dubai unique draws is its commitment to diverse interests. It houses the iconic Meydan Hotel and offers facilities like equestrian and falcon centers catering to sports and animal enthusiasts. The community is also rapidly developing a vibrant commercial and entertainment scene featuring various eateries, entertainment centers, retail shops, and futuristic developments.

Popular projects within City include Sobha Hartland, District One, Mag Eye at Meydan (formerly known as District 7), District 11, and Dubai Hills Estate. These developments add to the allure of development, making it a dynamic and progressive community that represents Dubai’s dedication to innovation and modern living. As Properties for sale in Mohammed bin Rashid city grows and expands, the project remains a captivating urban oasis in the heart of Dubai.


Famous Communities in MBR

Mohammed Bin Rashid City is a sprawling and prestigious development in Dubai that comprises diverse communities, each with unique appeal. Here are some of the famous communities that have garnered attention and acclaim within MBR:

District One:

District One is a flagship community within MBR City Dubai known for its opulence and luxury. It boasts an impressive selection of Mohammed Bin Rashid City Villas and mansions set amidst pristine landscapes and crystal-clear lagoons. The community offers a serene yet vibrant lifestyle, with world-class amenities, including a 7-kilometer-long Crystal Lagoon. Its exquisite properties and lush surroundings have made it a symbol of exclusivity and modern elegance.

District 11:

District 11 is another prominent sub-district in MBR City, offering a blend of upscale living and accessibility. It features a range of villa options, making it attractive for families looking for spacious and well-designed homes. The community is known for its peaceful environment and proximity to key areas in Dubai.

Gemini Splendor:

Gemini Splendor stands out as a contemporary residential community within MBR City. It offers a selection of modern Mohammed bin Rashid city Apartments and Mohammed Bin Rashid City Villas that provide residents with a comfortable and stylish living experience. The community’s well-planned design and amenities make it an attractive choice for those seeking a balance between luxury and convenience.

District 7:

District 7 is characterized by its townhouse offerings, making it an appealing choice for those who prefer this style of living. It features a range of townhouse options, catering to different family sizes and preferences. The community’s strategic location within MBR City Dubai adds to its attractiveness.

KOA Canvas:

KOA Canvas is an innovative development within the City that focuses on sustainable and eco-friendly living. It offers contemporary, customizable homes designed to harmonize with the environment. KOA Canvas showcases the future of eco-conscious living in Dubai and has garnered attention for its forward-thinking approach to real estate.

Together, these neighborhoods add to the variety of City by giving residents and investors options that suit a range of interests and lifestyles. Each community has its distinct charm, contributing to MBR City’s reputation as a premier destination for luxury living and forward-looking urban development in Dubai.

  • District One
  • District 11
  • Gemini Splendor
  • District 7
  • KOA Canvas

Properties for Sale in MBR City

MBR City Dubai offers a diverse range of luxurious residential properties, setting Dubai’s standard for premium living. These properties are designed with green building standards. Emphasizing energy conservation and environmentally friendly practices. Here are the main types of residential properties you can find in City:

Apartments: Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid City features a variety of apartment options. Including studios, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom units. These apartments are predominantly concentrated in Sobha Hartland, offering residents contemporary living spaces. For those seeking the pinnacle of luxury. Penthouses are also available in Sobha Hartland. Features such as lagoon-facing views, duplex layouts, and partial canal vistas. In Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum district one sale center. You can even find larger 4-bedroom flats spanning around 3,000 square feet.

Villas: Mohammed Bin Rashid City Villas epitomize luxury and space. They typically come in 5 to 6-bedroom configurations. Some being brand new and others fully furnished. These villas cater to families looking for spacious and comfortable living environments. Additionally, project boasts 2 to 6-bedroom family homes and extravagant 8-bedroom mansions for investment purposes. District One is known for offering a wide range of off-plan villa properties.

Townhouses: If you’re interested in townhouses, District 7, known as Mag Eye, is the place to explore. Here, you’ll find a selection of townhouses ranging from 2 to 5 bedrooms. Currently, these townhouses are available for sale. Offering potential homeowners a blend of comfort and modern design.

With its array of housing options, MBR City Dubai caters to individuals and families seeking luxurious, energy-efficient homes. It presents excellent investment opportunities for those looking to own a piece of Dubai’s future.


Sale Trends for Apartment

Sales trends in Mohammed Bin Rashid (MBR) City provide a glimpse into the property market for apartments in this thriving Dubai community. Here are the average sales prices for apartments:

1-Bed Apartments: The average sales price for a 1-bedroom apartment in MBR City is approximately AED 1,682,000.

2-Bed Apartments: For a 2-bedroom apartment, the average sales price is around AED 2,894,000.

3-Bed Apartments: If you’re in the market for a more spacious living space, 3-bedroom apartments in the project have an average sales price of approximately AED 4,988,000.

These Apartments for sale in Mohammed Bin Rashid City reflect the demand for various-sized apartments within MBR City Dubai, offering investment and ownership opportunities for individuals and families seeking luxurious and contemporary living spaces in this prestigious Dubai community. The availability of freehold properties adds to the appeal of MBR City as a destination for property buyers and investors.


Sale Trends for Villas

Sales trends for villas in Mohammed Bin Rashid (MBR) City reveal many options, from spacious 4-bedroom homes to luxurious 7-bedroom estates. Here are the average sales prices for Villas for sale in Mohammed Bin Rashid City:

4-Bed Villas: The average sales price for a 4-bedroom villa is approximately AED 9,867,000.

5-Bed Villas: For those seeking more space and amenities, 5-bedroom villas have an average sales price of around AED 18,096,000.

6-Bed Villas: If you require even more grandeur and space, 6-bedroom villas command a higher average sales price of approximately AED 30,698,000.

7-Bed Villas: The most expensive and luxurious option, 7-bedroom villas, come with a premium price, with an average sales price of approximately AED 65,674,000.

These Properties for sale in Mohammed bin Rashid city sales prices reflect the diverse villa sizes and luxury levels available in MBR City. This makes it an appealing destination for individuals and families looking for upscale living experiences in Dubai. The availability of freehold properties in the area attracts property buyers and investors looking to own a piece of this prestigious community.


Properties for Rent in MBR City

Mohammed Bin Rashid City Villas for rent prices reflect the demand for different-sized apartments within MBR, catering to a range of preferences and needs for residents seeking to enjoy the luxurious lifestyle and amenities offered in this prestigious Dubai community.

Average Rental Prices for Apartment

Mohammed Bin Rashid City rental trends reveal a range of housing choices, including apartments. The following table lists City’s typical apartment rental rates:

1-Bed Apartments: The average rental price for a 1-bedroom apartment in the project is approximately AED 123,000 annually.

2-Bed Apartments: For a 2-bedroom apartment, the average rental price is around AED 238,000 annually.

3-Bed Apartments: If you’re looking for a larger space, 3-bedroom apartments in the project have an average rental price of approximately AED 338,000 per year.

Average Rental Prices for Villas

In Mohammed Bin Rashid City, rental trends for villas offer a wide range of options, from spacious 3-bedroom homes to expansive 6-bedroom residences. Here are the average rental prices for villas in the current development:

3-Bed Villas: The average Mohammed Bin Rashid City Villas for rent price for a 3-bedroom villa in MBR is approximately AED 210,000 annually.

4-Bed Villas: For a 4-bedroom villa, the average rental price is approximately AED 801,000 annually.

5-Bed Villas: If you require even more space, 5-bedroom villas in the current project have an average rental price of around AED 1,397,000 per year.

6-Bed Villas: The most spacious option, 6-bedroom villas, command a higher average rental price of approximately AED 2,050,000 per year.

These rental prices reflect the diversity of villa options available in MBR City Dubai, catering to various family sizes and preferences. The higher rental prices for larger villas align with the luxury and ample space they provide, making the current project an attractive destination for those seeking premium living in Dubai. Properties for sale in Mohammed bin Rashid city will surely give better ROI to buyers and investors.


ROI on Apartment and Villas

Land for sale in Mohammed Bin Rashid City provides investors and buyers a better rate of return on investment. Here are the ROI on apartment and villas:

ROI on Apartment

Mohammed Bin Rashid City is an enticing destination for property investors, with a wide range of properties offering attractive returns on investment (ROI). In the Mohammed bin Rashid city Apartments segment, 2-bedroom units lead the pack with an impressive ROI of 7.85%, closely followed by 3-bedroom apartments at 7.67% and 1-bedroom units offering a solid 7.32% ROI. These figures underscore the investment potential in MBR City Dubai, particularly in the apartment sector, where investors can anticipate both capital appreciation and rental income opportunities. The robust ROI reflects the demand for properties in this upscale Dubai community. It is driven by its modern amenities, luxurious lifestyle offerings, and strategic location, making it a favored choice for those looking to grow their real estate investments.

ROI on Villas

Investing in Mohammed Bin Rashid City villas also presents appealing ROI prospects for property buyers. Among the various villa options, 5-bedroom villas stand out with the highest ROI at 7.53%. These properties promise solid returns for investors seeking long-term growth potential. Meanwhile, 4-bedroom villas offer a respectable ROI of approximately 6.45%, making them an attractive choice for those looking for a balance of space and return on investment. Lastly, 6-bedroom Mohammed Bin Rashid City Villas for rent, though offering a slightly lower ROI at 6.04%, still provide a favorable investment opportunity in MBR City. These ROI figures reflect the desirability of villa market, driven by its luxurious offerings and strategic location, making it an enticing option for investors looking to capitalize on Dubai’s real estate potential.

MBR City Location

Mohammed Bin Rashid City (MBR City) occupies a prime and strategic location in the heart of Dubai, epitomizing the city’s commitment to visionary urban development. Situated centrally, MBR City enjoys easy access to key areas, making it a highly sought-after destination for residents and investors alike.

Nestled just 11 minutes away from The Dubai Mall, one of the world’s premier shopping and entertainment hubs, residents can indulge in retail therapy and dining experiences without hassle. The quick 10-minute commute to Sheikh Zayed Road, a major Dubai artery, ensures seamless connectivity to various parts of the city.

Business Bay and Downtown Dubai, home to iconic skyscrapers, corporate offices, and a plethora of leisure options, are conveniently located within 5 to 10 minutes. Additionally, Dubai International Airport is a mere 20-minute drive away, making travel a breeze.

This central location positions MBR City as a vibrant urban oasis, offering residents the perfect blend of modern convenience, access to world-class amenities, and easy connectivity to Dubai’s major attractions and business districts.

  • The Dubai Mall is 11 minutes away
  • The commute to Sheikh Zayed Road takes about 10 minutes
  • Business Bay and Downtown Dubai are about 5 to 10 minutes away
  • Dubai International Airport is a 20-minute drive away                     
Nearby Areas

The strategic location of Mohammed Bin Rashid City in the central region of Dubai provides residents with unparalleled accessibility to key areas of the city. Surrounded by prominent neighborhoods, including Business Bay, Dubai Downtown, Dubai Design District, and Al Quoz, MBR City offers residents the convenience of easily reaching major tourist destinations and commercial districts. Mohammed Bin Rashid City villas for sale provide connectivity to every major point in the city.

One of the notable advantages of this central location is the proximity to Downtown Dubai, home to iconic landmarks like the Burj Khalifa. There are plans to enhance connectivity further, ensuring that MBR City Dubai is seamlessly linked to Downtown Dubai and Business Bay. As a result, residents will enjoy a short drive to reach iconic destinations such as the Burj Khalifa, making it effortless to immerse themselves in the vibrant culture, business opportunities, and leisure activities these areas offer.

Transportation and Parking Spaces in MBR City

Transportation and parking arrangements in Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid City are designed to ensure convenience for its residents. Due to its advantageous position, MBR City has quick access to important thoroughfares such Al Khail Road (E44), Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E311), and Sheikh Zayed Road (E11). This well-connected road network facilitates seamless commuting to various parts of Dubai and beyond, making it convenient for residents to access work, leisure, and shopping destinations.

Regarding parking, residential units in MBR City typically come with designated parking spaces, and many homes offer multiple parking spots. As MBR City continues to evolve and develop, additional parking facilities are expected to be integrated to meet the growing community’s needs. While the city’s construction progresses, thoughtful planning ensures that parking infrastructure aligns with the modern and spacious living standards that MBR City aims to provide, assuring residents of convenient parking solutions within this dynamic and burgeoning community.


Public Transportation

Public transportation options in Mohammed Bin Rashid City (MBR City) provide residents with convenient connectivity to key areas in Dubai and beyond:

Metro Access: MBR City is situated near Business Bay, which is well-connected to the Dubai Metro network. The Business Bay Metro Station and the ONPASSIVE Metro Station (formerly known as Al Safa Metro Station) are located approximately 10 minutes from MBR City. The metro system’s accessibility guarantees that locals have quick and effective transit options for both their everyday commutes and leisure activities.

Future Connectivity: The completion of Mohammed Bin Rashid City is expected to bring further transportation enhancements, including access to the Etihad Rail network. Etihad Rail will play a crucial role in connecting different regions of the UAE and will further enhance transportation options for residents of MBR City, providing them with convenient access to other parts of the country.

These transportation options underscore MBR City Dubai commitment to providing residents with a well-connected and accessible living environment, ensuring they can easily navigate Dubai and take advantage of its extensive transportation network.

MBR City Facilities and Amenities

Mohammed Bin Rashid City (MBR City) offers a well-rounded living experience with access to various amenities, schools, and healthcare facilities in nearby areas:

  • Supermarkets and Convenience Stores
  • Places of Worship
  • Educational Institutions
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Malls
  • Restaurants
  • Beaches
  •  Leisure Activities and Landmarks
  • Outdoor Activities and Fitness
Supermarkets and Convenience Stores in MBR City

Residents of MBR Al Maktoum City have easy access to various supermarkets and convenience stores. Carrefour, located near the iconic Burj Khalifa, offers a wide range of groceries and household items and is just a 12-minute drive away. LuLu Express in Al Quoz is a mere 9-minute drive from the community, providing another convenient shopping option. For those seeking a different shopping experience, there is a Spinney outlet in the neighboring Meydan City’s Polo Residences. These supermarkets cater to the diverse needs of MBR City Dubai residents, ensuring they can conveniently stock up on essentials and enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience.

  • Carrefour
  • LuLu Express in Al Quoz
  • Spinney outlet
Places of Worship near MBR City

While MBR City does not have dedicated places of worship within its boundaries, residents have easy access to various mosques and places of worship nearby. Muslim residents have easy access to the Al Farooq Omar Bin Al Khattab Mosque in Al Safa, which is around 11 minutes away, and the Ramadan Juma Mosque in Al Badaa, which is only 13 minutes away by car. Furthermore, members of other faiths can find places of worship within a short drive, including Christian, Hindu, and Sikh temples, ensuring that residents can practice their religions conveniently.

  • Al Farooq Omar Bin Al Khattab Mosque
  • Ramadan Juma Mosque in Al Badaa
  • Christian, Hindu, and Sikh temples
Educational Institutions in MBR City

MBR City boasts two well-known international schools that provide top-notch education to its residents. Hartland International School, established in September 2015, offers the UK/IB curriculum and is known for its academic excellence. These schools are located within the community and have earned ‘good’ ratings from the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA). Additionally, GEMS Modern Academy, following the Indian and IB curriculum and holding an ‘outstanding’ rating from the KHDA, is a 20-minute drive away. Nearby areas also offer various educational options, ensuring families can access quality schooling.

  • Hartland International School
  • GEMS Modern Academy                        
Healthcare Facilities in MBR City

While MBR City enjoys a central location, several renowned hospitals and clinics are just a short drive away to cater to residents’ healthcare needs. Emirates Hospital Dubai and American Hospital Dubai, within a 15-minute drive, are known for their world-class healthcare services. Other healthcare options in the vicinity include Aster Hospital and Mediclinic Welcare Hospital. These facilities offer a wide range of medical services, ensuring residents can access quality healthcare conveniently. Additionally, the central Mohammed Bin Rashid City location provides easy access to healthcare centers and clinics in nearby areas, further enhancing healthcare accessibility for residents.

  • Emirates Hospital Dubai
  • American Hospital Dubai,
  • Aster Hospital and Mediclinic Welcare Hospital
Malls near MBR City

Meydan One Mall is poised to be a game-changer in Dubai’s retail and entertainment landscape and the world. This colossal shopping destination within MBR City Dubai is nearing completion and promises an unparalleled shopping and leisure experience.

With over 600 retail shops, Meydan One Mall will showcase a dazzling array of products, including top-tier luxury brands, catering to the most discerning shoppers. The mall will also be a culinary haven with over 100 food outlets offering diverse cuisines to satisfy every palate.

What sets Meydan One Mall apart are its extraordinary attractions. Visitors can marvel at the world’s largest dancing fountain, a spectacle of water and light. Indoor sports facilities with water sports activities will provide endless entertainment, while thrill-seekers can hit the slopes at the impressive 1-kilometer indoor ski slope.

The mall offers more than 12,000 parking spaces for convenience, ensuring hassle-free access. It’s projected to draw approximately six million visitors annually, making it a bustling hub of activity.

Furthermore, a leisure center is in the works, set to be seamlessly connected to the mall in collaboration with Universal Studios, promising a world-class entertainment experience.

Until Meydan One Mall’s grand opening, MBR City Dubai residents can explore nearby shopping destinations, including Dubai Mall, Mercato Shopping Mall, and Mall of the Emirates, offering unique retail and dining experiences. Fashion enthusiasts will delight in the recent launch of Fashion Avenue at Dubai Mall. At the same time, families can embark on thrilling adventures at the VR Park in the Mall of the Emirates. The diverse shopping and entertainment options ensure that residents can enjoy a vibrant lifestyle even before the grand unveiling of Meydan One Mall.

Restaurants near MBR City

While MBR Dubai is on the cusp of welcoming a range of new dining establishments. Residents currently have access to a variety of eateries and cafes in the nearby areas. Ensuring a satisfying culinary experience:

For those seeking casual dining experiences, there are popular options near MBR City. Including The Cheesecake Factory and P.F. Chang’s, located in The Dubai Mall. These eateries offer diverse menus and relaxed atmospheres, perfect for a casual meal with friends or family.

  • The Cheesecake Factory
  • P.F. Chang’s

Fine-dining enthusiasts have exquisite choices in Downtown Dubai. The atmosphere in Burj Khalifa offers a sophisticated dining experience with breathtaking views of the city skyline. Ewaan, located in The Palace Downtown Hotel. Another fine-dining gem known for its culinary excellence and elegant ambiance. These restaurants are ideal for special occasions and romantic dinners.

  • Burj Khalifa
  •  located in The Palace Downtown Hotel

Downtown Dubai is dotted with numerous cafes and eateries. Catering to a wide range of tastes. Amore Café, Al Hamidieh Downtown, and Caribou Coffee are just a few options where residents can enjoy a cozy coffee or a quick bite. These establishments provide inviting spaces to unwind, catch up with friends, or savor coffee and delectable treats.

  • Amore Café
  • Al Hamidieh Downtown
  • Caribou Coffee

As MBR City Dubai continues to develop, the dining scene is expected to expand, offering residents an even broader array of culinary delights to explore. In the meantime, the nearby dining options ensure that residents can enjoy a diverse range of flavors and experiences right at their doorstep. 


Beaches near MBR City

One of the standout features of MBR Dubai is its impressive 7-kilometer man-made lagoon. Which is set to become the world’s largest. This spectacular water body adds a touch of luxury and tranquility to the community. Providing residents with a stunning aquatic centerpiece.

What makes this lagoon even more enticing is the inclusion of a man-made beach. Where residents can unwind, soak up the sun, and enjoy the soothing sounds of the water. Whether it’s a sunny day out or a relaxing evening, MBR’’s beachfront offers an idyllic setting for residents to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

While MBR City Dubai is set back from the coastline. Residents are conveniently located 12 to 15 minutes away from popular beaches like Sunset Beach and Jumeirah Beach. These pristine stretches of sand offer a perfect escape for those seeking a day of sun and surf.

For the more adventurous beachgoers, Kite Beach, also nearby, provides a vibrant atmosphere with a range of water sports activities and a selection of food stalls. Whether its relaxation or excitement. The project’s proximity to these beautiful beaches ensures that residents can enjoy diverse beach experiences within a short drive from their homes.

  • Man-made lagoon
  • Sunset Beach
  • Jumeirah Beach
  •  Kite Beach                      Beaches near MBR City
Leisure Activities and Notable Landmarks near MBR City

The project enjoys proximity to a variety of leisure activities and iconic landmarks. Making it a vibrant and attractive place to live:

The Burj Khalifa, the tallest structure in the world, and Dubai Mall. One of the biggest shopping and entertainment complexes in the world. Both conveniently close to MBR’s residents and can be reached in only 15 minutes. These sites provide opportunities for leisure, retail therapy, dining, and cultural immersion.

The Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary is a wetland preserve near the mouth of Dubai Creek. Located around 15 to 20 minutes from the project. This refuge offers a look into Dubai’s biodiversity and natural splendor. Making it a destination for birdwatchers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Golf enthusiasts have several options nearby. Including the Meydan Golf Course, known as The Track, which is approximately 14 minutes from MBR Al Maktoum City. Other notable golf courses in the vicinity include Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club. Emirates Golf Club, and Al Badia Golf. Ensuring plenty of opportunities for golfing enthusiasts.

Just a 13-minute drive from the project. The Meydan Racecourse is a prestigious venue for horse racing events and other entertainment activities. It allows residents to witness exciting horse racing and attend various events at this world-class venue.

District One within the project boasts a remarkable 7-kilometer man-made lagoon. Recognized by Guinness World Records as the world’s largest. This lagoon, developed by Crystal Lagoons, brings a touch of the Caribbean to Dubai. Offering residents a tropical paradise with activities such as swimming, paddle boarding, and surfing. This unique feature adds to the allure of MBR Dubai. Providing residents with a truly exceptional leisure experience right at their doorstep.

  • Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall
  • Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Safa Park
  • Golf Courses
  • Meydan Racecourse
  • District One’s Man-Made Lagoon
Outdoor Activities, Fitness, and Beauty

Project’s development plans include creating a vast public park that has been compared to London’s famed Hyde Park but is anticipated to be even larger. This park will serve as a spacious and serene retreat for residents. Offering ample opportunities for outdoor activities, leisurely walks, and picnics, providing an appealing escape from the bustling city life.

Cycling enthusiasts will find the District One Cycling and Running Track situated just 7 minutes away from the heart of MBR on Muscat Street. This dedicated track will provide residents with a space for cycling and running, enabling them to stay active and enjoy the outdoors.

The future of MBR City Dubai holds promise, with a slate of exciting entertainment projects slated for development in the coming years. These upcoming ventures are poised to diversify the city’s leisure options and introduce new entertainment venues. Enriching the cultural and recreational landscape.

While MBR Dubai does not currently host gyms and beauty salons within its boundaries, residents can conveniently access numerous fitness centers, salons, and spas in nearby areas like Al Quoz and Business Bay, all reachable within a short 10 to 15-minute commute. These external facilities ensure residents can easily maintain their wellness and grooming routines near the development.

Construction Update

The construction progress in Mohammed Bin Rashid City, Dubai, has been highly anticipated and eagerly watched by residents and investors. All the properties are for sale and also available on rent. Mohammed Bin Rashid City Villas for rent is another option for investors to get long term financial benefits.

Here’s an update on the various phases and projects within the development:

Completed Phases: The first two phases of MBR City Dubai were completed in 2019. Handovers have already begun in these phases, allowing residents to move into their properties. This marks a significant milestone in the development’s journey.

Dubai Hills Estate and District One: Among the most awaited projects within the current development, Dubai Hills Estate and District One have made substantial progress. Some of these developments are now ready, with properties available for immediate occupancy. These areas promise luxurious living and modern amenities.

Upcoming Projects in 2023: In 2023, MBR City is set to witness further development. Developers anticipate that projects like Wilton Park Residence and specific phases of AZIZI Riviera residential development will reach maturity by the end of the year. This expansion will offer more housing options and amenities for residents.

Future Projections: The construction team projects that they will complete the MAG Park project by the fourth quarter of 2024. Another exciting development, Opal Gardens, anticipates reaching completion by the third quarter of 2026. These developments will continue to enhance the landscape of City and provide additional choices for those considering this vibrant community for their future homes.

Mohammed Bin Rashid City offers a blend of modern living, luxury, and innovation. Investors and residents alike are keenly following its progress as it takes shape as the “Downtown” of Dubai. Mohammed Bin Rashid City Villas for rent are now available for investors and buyers. 


Mohammed Bin Rashid City stands as a testament to Dubai’s commitment to innovation and grandeur. Properties for sale in Mohammed bin Rashid city include villas, apartments, and townhouses. These Properties for Sale in MBR City ensures the financial benefit for all. With its futuristic designs, diverse real estate options, and an array of upcoming attractions. It is set to redefine luxury living and entertainment in the region. MBR City’s completion and ongoing development reflect the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City in creating a bustling, ultra-modern community that harmoniously blends green spaces with contemporary amenities. Making it a thriving gem in the heart of Dubai.