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Samana Projects For Sale

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Samana Developers

Samana Developers is a well-known part of the Samana Group of Companies, which is famous worldwide. It is based in Dubai and includes more than 10 well-known companies. Each of these companies is focused on providing top-notch services in a professional manner.

In the competitive real estate world, Samana Developers stands out for being reliable and innovative. Their commitment to keeping promises to customers has quickly led them to success. They promise to offer high-quality products at the right prices, ensuring better returns for investors.

What makes Samana Developers different is their strong commitment to quality, service, and delivering projects on time. Their motto, “On Time, Every Time,” shows their dedication. They demonstrate this dedication in carefully planning projects and flawlessly executing them, ensuring precision and craftsmanship in each development.

Apart from their commitment to excellence, the Samana Group really cares about customer satisfaction. They focus on not just meeting but exceeding their clients’ expectations, building trust and loyalty among their customers.

With a presence around the world and a strong commitment to honesty, the Samana is changing industry standards. Their projects prove their vision, highlighting innovation, reliability, and a dedication to creating spaces that improve lives and communities. In the fast-paced world of real estate, Samana Developers Dubai is a trusted name. They are known for their commitment to quality, transparency, and outstanding service.

Samana Developers History

In the real estate market Samana Developers has had an amazing journey. They are known for being innovative, precise, and committed to doing great work. It all started with their first project, Samana Greens, in the center of Arjan quarter, Dubai, in April 2018. This project marked the beginning of a legacy that would change Dubai’s skyline.

After the success of Samana Greens, the company took on another impressive project called Samana Hills in September 2019. Samana Hills is renowned for showcasing innovative building techniques. These methods contribute to substantial progress through the application of advanced Adobe construction techniques.

What makes Samana Developers stand out is their strong commitment to finishing projects on time. They completed the main structure of Samana Greens in just 8 months. This achievement highlights their efficiency. It also demonstrates their ability to fulfill significant promises. This dedication to finishing projects on time has earned Samana Developers Dubai many awards. They are also recognized for being open and honest in every step of their work. This commitment has garnered them widespread praise and accolades.

As the Samana Group’s history continues, each project becomes a chapter in a story of amazing buildings and happy homeowners. With every project, they don’t just build houses; they also create communities and inspire the whole industry. Samana’s journey is more than just constructing buildings; it’s about making dreams come true, one brick at a time.

  • Started with first project in April 2018, Samana Greens
  • Produced Another impressive project in september 2019, Samana Hills
  • And then the journey of success started for Samana

Samana CEO

Imran Farooq, the respected CEO of Samana Developers, is known for his innovative spirit and unwavering commitment. His leadership has taken the company to new heights in the real estate industry. Farooq’s dedication to the “Samana Way,” which prioritizes complete client satisfaction and exceptional service, has not only influenced the company’s values but has also built a reputation for top-notch, high-quality properties.

By paying close attention to what clients need, he has created an environment where advanced technology meets careful project execution. This ensures that each development redefines what it means to live in luxury. Farooq captures his commitment to being on time in the motto “On Time, Every Time.” This dedication is evident in the company’s work, setting a standard for reliability and trust. Under his leadership, Samana continues to grow, promising a future filled with innovation, a global presence, and unmatched client satisfaction.

Samana Awards

Since its beginning, the Samana Group has been a pioneer in real estate development, consistently earning prestigious awards. The organization’s focus on innovation and sustainability has gained widespread recognition, solidifying its role as an industry leader.

Among its many honors, Samana Developers proudly received the prestigious “Design Award,” recognizing its architectural brilliance and creative vision. Additionally, the organization received the esteemed “Sustainable Project of the Year” award, highlighting its commitment to eco-friendly and responsible developments.

Moreover, the CEO of Samana Developers Dubai, Imran Farooq, rightfully earned the title of “CEO of the Year,” a well-deserved acknowledgment of his visionary leadership and transformative initiatives. The company was also recognized as the best in its category, winning the title of “Affordable Luxury in Real Estate 2020,” showcasing its ability to seamlessly blend opulence with affordability.

These awards not only showcase Samana Developers‘ unwavering commitment to excellence but also demonstrate its dedication to providing top-tier quality and unmatched value to its clients and investors. Each accolade is proof of the organization’s relentless pursuit of perfection and its role as a trailblazing force in the real estate industry.

  • Design Award
  • Sustainable Project of the Year
  • Emerging CEO of the Year award 
  • Affordable Luxury in Real Estate 2020
  • Excellence in affordable luxury in real estate award 2020
  • Reputation house award of 2023 (top of google searches)
Samana Award Winning Projects

At Samana, a commitment to excellence, punctuality, and innovation serves as the foundation of their success. They remain dedicated to creating outstanding living spaces and investment opportunities, ensuring that every interaction with them is nothing short of extraordinary. With a wealth of experience spanning more than two decades, the Samana Group possesses a deep understanding of market dynamics and a rich heritage. This extensive knowledge allows them to create developments that align with the needs and aspirations of their clients. Samana Developers Dubai stands out as a trailblazer in the real estate sector. Their innovative approach, dedication to quality, and focus on customer satisfaction have firmly established them as industry leaders. They consistently raise the bar, setting new standards and inspiring others in the market.

Samana is offering different types of properties for rent and sale. It offers different units in various sizes such as:

  • 1 bedroom properties for sale in Samana
  • 2 bedroom properties for sale in Samana
  • 3 bedroom properties for sale in Samana
  • 4 bedroom properties for sale in Samana


Following are the award winning projects by Samana Developers

Samana Manhattan

SAMANA Manhattan in Dubai’s Jumeirah Village Circle is a fancy place to live, mixing modern luxury with city life. The building is designed to be amazing, giving residents great views of the Dubai skyline. Whether you prefer a small studio or a larger two-bedroom apartment for sale in Samana, SAMANA Manhattan has something for everyone. It comes with cool features like a nice pool deck, jacuzzi, and private pools in some apartments.

What makes SAMANA Manhattan special is that it’s making luxury living easier to afford. You can start owning a piece of this place for just AED 689,000, and they have flexible payment plans. It’s not just about the fancy interiors and cool facilities; SAMANA Manhattan is a mix of sophistication and calmness. You get the lively city experience and quiet moments at home. SAMANA Manhattan by Samana Group is not just a place to live. It’s an invitation to a lifestyle. This lifestyle is elegant, comfortable, and convenient.

Samana Portofino

In the middle of Dubai Production City, you’ll find SAMANA Portofino—a place inspired by the peaceful and elegant Italian lifestyle. This special residence combines the calmness of the Italian countryside with the excitement of city life, promising a luxurious and sophisticated way of living. SAMANA Portofino is more than just a building; it represents luxury and tranquility. Every detail, both inside and outside the property, is carefully designed to capture the essence of modern living. You can buy apartments, townhouses, and Villas for sale in Samana.

Enjoy a super fancy life with our awesome amenities. Some apartments even have private pools with amazing views. There’s also a top-notch fitness center to keep you healthy. SAMANA Portofino is not just about luxury; it’s also in a great location. It’s easy to get to the lively city, but you can also escape to your private oasis whenever you want. Important places and cool attractions are nearby, giving you the best of both worlds. It Portofino starts at AED 669,000, and we have a special payment plan to help make your dream home a reality.

Samana Golf View

SAMANA Golf Views welcomes you to enjoy a life of luxury and calmness surrounded by the greenery of Dubai Sports City. This special place combines high-end luxury with the greatness of golf, creating a sophisticated and elegant haven. Located in the middle of Dubai Sports City, SAMANA Golf Views is not just a home; it offers a lifestyle inspired by golf and fantastic amenities. Imagine waking up to the relaxing view of golf, right outside your window. With its modern architecture and cool design, SAMANA Golf Views by Samana Group represents the best in luxury living.

Our carefully planned amenities, like a fancy pool deck, sports courts, sauna & steam room, and private pools in some apartments for sale in Samana, ensure that every moment here is pure indulgence. There’s also a skatepark, indoor & outdoor gym, VR golf experience, and an outdoor cinema to cater to different interests. Conveniently located near Al Khail Road and Hessa Street, SAMANA Golf Views gives you quick access to important areas in Dubai, from landmarks to schools and healthcare facilities. Starting at AED 649,000, SAMANA Golf Views offers a flexible 8-year payment plan, making it easier than ever to step into a world of luxury and sophistication.

Samana California

Discover the perfect blend of relaxed Californian charm and the lively vibe of Dubai at SAMANA California, a fancy place to live in the popular Discovery Gardens area. This awesome property mixes the stylishness of California with the ease of city life, giving residents a cool mix of fashion and peace. From its cool and modern design to its futuristic interior, SAMANA California represents the best in luxury living. Located near famous landmarks and developed by Samana Developers Dubai, this gated community offers a city lifestyle with a peaceful atmosphere. It’s a place where modern convenience meets the joy of everyday life.

SAMANA California has a bunch of awesome amenities, like a fancy pool deck, a rooftop tennis padel court, water features, a kids’ splash pad, and private pools in some apartments for sale in Samana. Residents can also enjoy cool stuff like a Jacuzzi, indoor & outdoor gym, jogging track, outdoor cinema, and sauna & steam room. The property is big on sustainability, making it great for those who care about the environment.

Strategically placed in Discovery Gardens, close to Sheikh Zayed Road and Emirates Road, SAMANA California is easy to get to important places like landmarks, schools, and healthcare services. Villas for sale in Samana  help secure your investment for the future.

Starting at AED 749,000, SAMANA California has a cool 8-year payment plan, making it easier to get your dream home. Enjoy the elegance of Californian living in the heart of Dubai. Apartments for sale in Samana also provide better financial security for investors and buyers.

Samana Skyrose

At SAMANA Skyros by Samana Developers Dubai, they make everyday life special, turning it into a canvas of precious moments and happy memories. This elegant place is in the middle of Arjan, offering families a great space to grow, play, and create lasting bonds. Our carefully designed amenities make sure that every moment here is full of joy, laughter, and a sense of belonging. Enjoy the green gardens, take in the fresh air, and have relaxed picnics with your loved ones. Our high-tech facilities are for every family member.

From the private pool with amazing views to our super cool fitness center with the latest technology, SAMANA Skyros takes your living experience to a whole new level. The entrance is amazing, showing sophistication and getting you ready for the greatness inside. The lobby, with its stylish decor and calming lights, is a peaceful place to relax with family or have spontaneous get-togethers. Villas for sale in Samana are a great way to secure the future and get long-term benefits.

Strategically located in Arjan, SAMANA Skyros offers seamless access to the city’s finest shopping, dining, and entertainment options. Situated close to Sheikh Zayed Road adjacent to Umm Suqeim, it ensures easy connectivity to Dubai’s major landmarks, enhancing your urban lifestyle. Starting from AED 649,000, SAMANA Skyros presents an attractive 8-year payment plan, making your dream home more attainable than ever. Embrace the beauty of everyday living, where love, laughter, and togetherness find their home.

Samana IVY Gardens

At IVY Gardens by Samana Group, we focus on the special moments that families share. Our amenities are carefully designed to encourage connections, making sure you have quality time with your loved ones. If you love nature, you’ll enjoy our walking trails and community gardens, perfect for outdoor bonding. Imagine relaxing afternoons by the pool, kids happily playing in their special area, and fun barbecue parties at our outdoor grilling stations. Stay active in our fitness center, where you can work out with friends or join group fitness classes.

Strategically placed in Dubai Land, IVY Gardens gives you easy access to schools, colleges, landmarks, shopping centers, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Starting at AED 525,000, IVY Gardens has an 8-year payment plan, making luxurious living affordable. IVY Gardens is more than just a home; it’s a sanctuary where cherished memories are made. Enjoy the perfect balance of comfort and serenity.

IVY Gardens is more than just a place to live; it’s a lifestyle meant for lasting joy. Our well-planned amenities, like a fancy pool deck, rooftop barbecue area, private pools, outdoor cinema, kids’ play area, sauna & steam room, full health club, and rooftop jogging track, are for every family member. Step into the grand entrance of IVY Gardens and feel an atmosphere of elegance and warmth. The lobby, with comfy seating, stylish decor, and soft lighting, is a welcoming space for gatherings, meetings, or quiet moments with loved ones. Apartments, townhouses, and Villas for sale in Samana  will secure your future.

Samana Upcoming Projects

Samana is creating fancy places for people to live, and they have some new projects coming up. These projects are really special and show off how fancy and innovative they are. One of the projects, Santorini, is going to be elegant and feel like you’re in romantic Greece but in Dubai. Another one, Mykonos, is going to be really fancy and make living there feel extra special.

But these projects are just the start. Samana Developers is getting ready to show off a total of 12 amazing new places to live this year. Each one is going to change how people live, making homes that are comfy, stylish, and practical all at once. Samana Developers Dubai really cares about doing things amazingly well and using the latest designs. They’re making a big impact in the real estate world, making living in luxury even better for people who live there and those who invest in these places.

Samana Mykonos

Experience ultimate luxury with SAMANA Mykonos Signature, a symbol of opulence and sophistication in Dubai’s lively setting. Building on the success of SAMANA Mykonos, this new masterpiece in Arjan is carefully designed to go beyond expectations, setting a new standard for exclusive residential properties for sale in Samana.. SAMANA Mykonos Signature captures the essence of the sunny Greek island of Mykonos with its striking yet simple architecture and vibrant colors. Every detail is thoughtfully chosen to create a retreat that brings you to a world of unparalleled luxury. This extraordinary residence provides spacious interiors, airy balconies, and beautifully landscaped urban gardens, letting you enjoy the warmth of nature.

Enjoy the luxury of cascading water features, a top-notch indoor and outdoor gym, sauna, steam room, and a special play area for kids. Most notably, experience the ultimate privacy and luxury with your private pool, representing a lifestyle of unmatched privilege. Located in the prime area of Arjan, SAMANA Mykonos Signature gives you easy access to Dubai’s major landmarks and prime locations, seamlessly combining luxury living with urban convenience. Marvel at stunning views of the Butterfly and Miracle Garden, two of the city’s most famous attractions, while living in the heart of elegance.

Expected to launch in March 2023, SAMANA Mykonos Signature promises an unmatched living experience. The handover is set for October 2025, marking the beginning of an extraordinary chapter in luxury living.

Samana Santorini

SAMANA Santorini is like a special vacation home in the middle of Dubai, paying tribute to the enchanting beauty of Santorini, Greece. Santorini, a wonderful place in Greece, is famous for its wild landscapes, rocky cliffs, beautiful beaches, and romantic buildings—a perfect mix of natural beauty and timeless elegance. SAMANA Santorini captures this magical feeling, where love becomes the essence of life. Made by the respected Samana Developers, SAMANA Santorini is a symbol of luxurious living in Dubai. It offers different kinds of homes, from studios to 1 & 2-bedroom residences with private pools, inviting you to enjoy a life of ultimate comfort and style.

The project includes a fully equipped health club and special water features, embodying the charm of Santorini. SAMANA Santorini is more than just a place to live; it’s like a poetic masterpiece that combines modern style with the ancient wisdom of the Greeks. Every part of it reflects a smart lifestyle while embracing the rich history and romance of Santorini.

With properties for sale in Samana  capturing its amazing design and great amenities, SAMANA Santorini welcomes you to experience the magic of Santorini right in the heart of Dubai. Enjoy the beauty of Santorini’s spirit, where every moment is filled with love, at SAMANA Santorini.


Samana Developers stands at the forefront of Dubai’s real estate landscape, promising a future marked by unmatched luxury and visionary design. With the announcement of 12 upcoming projects, including the enchanting Santorini and opulent Mykonos, the company showcases its unwavering commitment to redefining modern living. Through a fusion of elegance, innovation, and functionality, Samana continues to shape dreams into reality, offering residents and investors an unparalleled experience. 

As these projects unfold, Dubai’s skyline is set to be adorned with architectural marvels, creating a legacy of timeless beauty and sophisticated living that will resonate for generations to come. The Samana Developers Dubai, where luxury finds its truest expression, invites you to embrace a life of extraordinary elegance and boundless possibilities.