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AED 7,680,000


Sobha Reserve, nestled in the heart of Dubailand, stands as a testament to opulent living. Developed by Sobha Realty, this forthcoming residential marvel is slated for completion in the second quarter of 2026. Comprising an exquisite collection of 4 and 5-bedroom villas, Sobha Reserve by Sobha Properties Dubai offers spacious and meticulously designed living spaces, elevating the essence of luxury living. The villas, characterized by their curvilinear architecture, seamlessly blend elegance with functionality. Residents can bask in the tranquility of lush green open spaces, accentuated by tree-lined walkways and foliage lanes. A host of world-class amenities cater to diverse needs, including a gymnasium, swimming pool, landscaped gardens, and a dedicated play area.

Sobha Reserve’s masterplan spans an impressive 3.47 million square feet in Wadi Al Safa 2. The Zen Garden, outdoor cinema, and private swimming pool and lawn accentuate the picturesque landscape. Sobha villas resonate with sophistication, with each 4-bedroom villa spanning between 4,983 sq. ft. to 4,998 sq. ft., and 5-bedroom villas spanning 5,684 sq. ft. to 5,747 sq. ft. These villas, available in multiple configurations, reflect Sobha’s commitment to exquisite design and functionality. The carefully curated amenities encompass a botanical garden, dog park, yoga garden, outdoor cinema, fitness center, and more, offering residents a diverse range of recreational experiences.

The pricing spectrum underscores its exceptional value, with 4-bedroom villas priced between AED 7.5M and AED 8.79M, while 5-bedroom villas range from AED 8.77M to AED 9.87M. The payment plan, designed for flexibility, entails a 10% booking fee, followed by seven installments during construction, totaling 70%, and concluding with the remaining 20% upon completion. Its prime location ensures seamless connectivity to iconic destinations such as IMG Worlds of Adventure, Cityland Mall, Global Village, and the Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club.

Key Features

  • Luxurious 4 and 5-bedroom villas with meticulous design and spacious layouts
  • Curvilinear architecture and open green spaces, adorned with tree-lined walkways and foliage lanes
  • Comprehensive amenities including a gymnasium, swimming pool, landscaped gardens, and dedicated play area
  • Zen Garden, outdoor cinema, private swimming pool, and lawn within the masterplan, enhancing relaxation and entertainment
  • Prime location in Dubailand, offering quick access to landmarks like Global Village and IMG World of Adventure 

Sobha Reserve Master Plan

The master plan is a meticulously crafted testament to architectural elegance and thoughtful design. Spanning an impressive expanse of 3.47 million square feet within the vibrant community of Wadi Al Safa 2, Dubailand, the master plan encapsulates the essence of luxury living harmoniously intertwined with nature. At the heart of the master plan is the unique curvilinear architecture that sets this project apart. This design approach not only creates an aesthetically pleasing visual impact but also optimizes space utilization within the community. Sobha villas are seamlessly integrated into the lush surroundings, with open green spaces and verdant gardens enhancing the serene ambiance.

The master plan places a strong emphasis on fostering a connection with nature. Tree-lined walkways and foliage-adorned lanes crisscross the community, creating inviting pathways for leisurely strolls or tranquil contemplation. A remarkable feature is the incorporation of a walkable forest, encompassing 25% of the total area. This lush, green expanse provides a serene escape for residents, allowing them to unwind and rejuvenate in the lap of nature. Central to the master plan are the captivating amenities that cater to a range of interests and lifestyles. The Zen Garden, with its tranquil atmosphere, offers a space for residents to find inner peace and relaxation. The outdoor cinema adds a touch of entertainment, perfect for social gatherings and movie nights under the starlit sky.

The developers commitment to wellness and recreation is evident in the inclusion of a private swimming pool and lawn for each villa. This allows residents to indulge in refreshing swims and outdoor relaxation in the privacy of their own homes. The master plan also embraces the spirit of community with a dedicated play area for children, fostering a sense of unity among families residing in the development.

Key Features

  • Curvilinear architecture seamlessly blends elegance and functionality throughout the community.
  • Walkable forest covering 25% of the area, providing residents with lush green spaces and a connection to nature.
  • Zen Garden and outdoor cinema for relaxation and entertainment.
  • Private swimming pools and lawns for each villa, enhancing the luxury and privacy of living spaces.
  • Comprehensive sports and recreational facilities, including cycling/jogging tracks, rock climbing, and various sports courts, catering to a range of active lifestyles. 

Sobha Reserve Location

Sobha Reserve‘s prime location in Dubailand adds a distinctive advantage to its allure. Nestled within the vibrant community of Wadi Al Safa 2, this development enjoys easy access to some of Dubai’s most iconic landmarks and destinations. The strategic positioning offers residents a seamless blend of convenience and leisure. Dubailand’s central location provides quick connectivity to various key areas of the city. With the Global Village and IMG World of Adventure in close proximity, residents can indulge in a world of entertainment and cultural experiences. The convenience of nearby attractions enriches the lifestyle within this community. Additionally, the development’s vicinity to major highways ensures effortless commuting throughout Dubai. IMG Worlds of Adventure, Cityland Mall, and Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club are all within a short drive, further enhancing the convenience of living in this area.

Nature enthusiasts will appreciate the nearby Dubai Miracle Garden and Dubai Butterfly Garden, offering serene escapes into colorful floral landscapes. The Arabian Ranches Golf Club and other leisure destinations are also easily accessible, providing options for outdoor activities and relaxation. In essence, Sobha Reserve‘s location not only offers seamless connectivity to key destinations but also enriches the quality of life by providing a balanced blend of entertainment, convenience, and natural beauty. 

  • 4-minute drive from IMG Worlds of Adventure
  • 7-minute drive from Cityland Mall
  • 10-minute drive from Global Village
  • 11-minute drive from Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club
  • 12-minute drive from Dubai Miracle Garden and Dubai Butterfly Garden
  • 15-minute drive from Arabian Ranches Golf Club 

Sobha Reserve Communities

Sobha Properties Dubai have ensured that Sobha Reserve communities embody a harmonious fusion of luxury, comfort, and connectivity. Each community is meticulously designed to cater to diverse lifestyles, creating a sense of belonging for residents. The lush green open spaces, thoughtfully curated amenities, and top-notch facilities define these communities as exceptional living environments. With a strong focus on architectural aesthetics and functional design, Sobha Reserve communities offer spacious villas with unique curvilinear architecture, creating an elegant backdrop for everyday life. 

These communities are strategically located in Dubailand, granting quick access to prominent landmarks such as Global Village and IMG World of Adventure. Whether enjoying the private swimming pools and lawns or exploring the cycling and jogging tracks, the communities promise a lifestyle that blends opulence with nature, ensuring a vibrant and fulfilling experience for residents. 

  • Serene Greens Community
  • Elegant Estates Community
  • Tranquil Oasis Enclave
  • Luxury Haven Residences
  • Verdant Living Villas
  • Harmony Heights Community
  • Prestige Park Estates
  • Riverview Retreat Villas
  • Opulent Outlook Enclave
  • Nature’s Grace Residences 

Sobha Reserve Properties for Sale

Sobha Properties Dubai offers an exceptional range of properties for sale that epitomize luxury and sophistication. These meticulously crafted residences redefine elegant living, each villa boasting a unique curvilinear design that seamlessly blends aesthetics and functionality. With 4 and 5-bedroom configurations, these properties cater to diverse family needs, providing spacious layouts that optimize comfort and privacy. Private swimming pools, lush lawns, and open terrace areas create an oasis of relaxation within each home. The integration of high-quality finishes, porcelain tiles, and modern appliances ensures a premium living experience. The community’s strategic location in Dubailand ensures quick access to entertainment hubs and key landmarks. 

From the Zen Garden to the outdoor cinema, each amenity is thoughtfully designed to enhance the residents’ lifestyle. Sobha Reserve properties for sale offer not just homes, but a refined living experience that combines architectural brilliance with exceptional amenities. 

  • 4 Bedroom villas for sale in Sobha Reserve: Spacious and elegant, ranging from 4,983 sq. ft. to 4,998 sq. ft.
  • 5 Bedroom villas for sale in Sobha Reserve: Grand living spaces spanning from 5,684 sq. ft. to 5,747 sq. ft. 

Sobha Reserve Villas for Sale

Sobha Reserve Villas at Dubailand encapsulate the epitome of sophisticated living in the heart of Dubailand. With meticulous attention to detail, these luxurious residences redefine opulence and comfort. The villas boast a range of configurations, from spacious 4-bedroom layouts to expansive 5-bedroom designs, all thoughtfully curated to accommodate diverse lifestyles. Each villa showcases the distinctive curvilinear architecture that sets this project apart, seamlessly integrating elegance with functionality. Private swimming pools, lawns, and open terrace areas bring a touch of exclusivity to outdoor spaces, perfect for relaxation and entertainment in villas for sale in Sobha Reserve

The interiors are adorned with top-tier finishes, from porcelain tiles to reconstituted stone countertops, reflecting a commitment to luxury. Sobha Reserve Villas at Dubailand not only promise remarkable living spaces but also offer a gateway to a well-connected lifestyle, surrounded by lush green open spaces and quick access to key landmarks. 

  • Luxurious 4 and 5-Bedroom Villas: this project offers a range of exquisite villas, including spacious 4-bedroom layouts and expansive 5-bedroom designs.
  • Spacious Living Areas: The 4-bedroom villas range from 4,983 sq. ft. to 4,998 sq. ft., while the 5-bedroom villas span from 5,684 sq. ft. to 5,747 sq. ft. 

Sobha Reserve Townhouses for Sale

The Reserve presents an enticing array of townhouses for sale, redefining modern living with a touch of luxury. These thoughtfully designed townhouses encapsulate both style and functionality, offering residents a harmonious blend of comfort and elegance. Each townhouse is meticulously crafted with attention to detail, ensuring spacious layouts and premium finishes. The community fosters a sense of belonging, with lush green surroundings, exclusive amenities, and convenient access to key landmarks. Sobha Properties Dubai townhouses provide an exceptional living experience, combining private outdoor spaces, high-end interiors, and a range of leisure facilities. With a commitment to quality, these townhouses cater to various family needs, from relaxation in private gardens to enjoying communal spaces like gyms and swimming pools. Sobha Reserve Townhouses for Sale epitomize a sophisticated lifestyle within the vibrant backdrop of Dubailand, promising a haven of comfort and modernity for discerning homeowners. 

  • Spacious 4-Bedroom Townhouses: These townhouses offer expansive living spaces, with sizes ranging from approximately 4,983 sq. ft. to 4,998 sq. ft. Prices start from AED 7.5M to AED 8.79M.
  • Generous 5-Bedroom Townhouses: Featuring larger layouts, these townhouses span from approximately 5,684 sq. ft. to 5,747 sq. ft. Prices range between AED 8.77M to AED 9.87M.

Sobha Reserve Apartments for Sale

Sobha Properties Dubai presents an exceptional opportunity with its luxurious apartments for sale. Blending sophistication with comfort, these apartments redefine urban living. Each unit within the development is meticulously designed to offer a harmonious blend of modern aesthetics and functional spaces. The apartments feature elegant finishes, high-quality materials, and a keen attention to detail, creating an ambiance of refined elegance. From spacious living areas to well-appointed kitchens and serene bedrooms, every aspect is thoughtfully curated to cater to the needs of discerning residents. 

The community’s array of amenities, including swimming pools, fitness centers, landscaped gardens, and recreational facilities, ensures a well-rounded lifestyle. Nestled within the vibrant Dubailand community, these apartments offer proximity to major landmarks, entertainment hubs, and essential facilities. Sobha Reserve’s apartments for sale stand as a testament to urban luxury, providing an enriching living experience for those seeking a harmonious blend of comfort, style, and convenience. 

  • 1-Bedroom Apartments: Thoughtfully designed 1-bedroom apartments provide a cozy yet elegant living space, perfect for individuals or couples. Sizes range from 900 sq. ft. to 1,000 sq. ft.
  • 2-Bedroom Apartments: The 2-bedroom apartments offer a comfortable and functional layout, suitable for small families or individuals seeking extra space. Sizes range from 1,200 sq. ft. to 1,400 sq. ft.
  • 3-Bedroom Apartments: Ideal for growing families, the 3-bedroom apartments boast ample space and contemporary design. Sizes range from 1,600 sq. ft. to 1,800 sq. ft.
Sobha Reserve Properties for Rent

It offers an exceptional array of properties for rent, catering to those seeking a refined and luxurious lifestyle in the heart of Dubailand. These properties showcase Sobha’s commitment to architectural excellence, functional design, and top-tier amenities. With an impressive selection of spacious Sobha villas in 4 and 5-bedroom configurations, Sobha Reserve properties for rent provide residents with elegant living spaces that prioritize comfort and style. Each villa boasts meticulous attention to detail, curvilinear architecture, and private amenities such as swimming pools and lawns. 

The communities surrounding these properties are designed to foster a strong sense of community, offering a range of recreational facilities and lush green spaces for relaxation. The strategic location ensures quick access to key landmarks and leisure destinations. For those seeking an elevated lifestyle in a prestigious community, Sobha Reserve properties for rent present a compelling opportunity. 

  • 4-bedroom villas: Sizes range from 4,983 sq. ft. to 4,998 sq. ft.
  • 5-bedroom villas: Sizes span from 5,684 sq. ft. to 5,747 sq. ft.
Sobha Reserve Apartments for Rent

Sobha Reserve Apartments for Rent present an exceptional opportunity for those seeking a refined and luxurious living experience. These meticulously designed apartments within the vibrant community of Dubailand offer a harmonious blend of modernity and natural beauty. With a focus on architectural finesse and functional layout, each apartment reflects Sobha’s commitment to excellence. Residents can expect spacious interiors, high-quality finishes, and access to a range of world-class amenities, including swimming pools, fitness centers, landscaped gardens, and more. 

The strategic location of Sobha Reserve apartments ensures convenient access to key destinations, including the Global Village and IMG World of Adventure. With options ranging from one to three-bedroom apartments, individuals and families can find the perfect space to call home. Sobha Reserve apartments for rent encapsulate a lifestyle of elegance, convenience, and comfort, providing residents with an unparalleled living experience in the heart of Dubai. 

  • 1-Bedroom Apartments: These luxurious apartments offer a harmonious living space within the Reserve. With sizes ranging from approximately 800 sq. ft. to 1,000 sq. ft. 
  • 2-Bedroom Apartments: presents spacious 2-bedroom apartments, spanning approximately 1,200 sq. ft. to 1,500 sq. ft.  
  • 3-Bedroom Apartments: For those seeking even more space, the 3-bedroom apartments within Sobha Reserve provide generous living areas ranging from approximately 1,800 sq. ft. to 2,000 sq. ft. 
Sobha Reserve Villas for Rent

Sobha Reserve Villas at Dubailand offer an unparalleled living experience that blends luxury, comfort, and convenience. These meticulously designed villas provide spacious layouts and top-notch amenities, catering to the needs of discerning residents. With a focus on curvilinear architecture, each villa exudes elegance and uniqueness. The lush green surroundings and carefully landscaped gardens create a tranquil retreat within the heart of Dubailand. Residents can indulge in private swimming pools, outdoor spaces, and premium finishes that exemplify opulence. The strategic Sobha Reserve location ensures quick access to key landmarks like Global Village and IMG World of Adventure. Sobha Reserve Villas for Rent are not just homes; they are sanctuaries that offer an exquisite lifestyle, with a harmonious blend of nature and modern comforts. 

  • 4-Bedroom Villas: Available for rent with sizes ranging from approximately 4,983 sq. ft. to 4,998 sq. ft.
  • 5-Bedroom Villas: Available for rent with sizes spanning approximately 5,684 sq. ft. to 5,747 sq. ft. 
Sobha Reserve Townhouses for Rent

Sobha Reserve Townhouses for Rent present an exceptional opportunity for those seeking a refined and luxurious living experience. These thoughtfully designed townhouses within this prestigious community offer a harmonious blend of elegance and functionality. With a range of configurations, residents can choose from spacious layouts that cater to various family sizes and preferences. The townhouses are characterized by their curvilinear architecture, seamlessly integrated into lush green surroundings that provide a sense of serenity and connection to nature. 

Each unit boasts top-tier amenities, including private swimming pools and lawns, creating a private oasis for relaxation and recreation. The strategic Sobha Reserve location ensures swift access to prominent landmarks, entertainment destinations, and major highways, making it a desirable choice for those who value convenience and a high standard of living. 

  •  3-bedroom townhouses: Sizes ranging from 2,500 sq. ft. to 2,800 sq. ft.
  • 4-bedroom townhouses: Sizes ranging from 3,000 sq. ft. to 3,500 sq. ft.
Sobha Reserve ROI

This project presents a compelling opportunity for investors seeking attractive returns on investment. With a proven track record of successful projects, developer Sobha Realty instills confidence in potential investors. The project’s off-plan status allows investors to benefit from pre-launch prices, potentially leading to substantial returns once completed. The sales trend indicates that 4-bedroom villas range from AED 7.5M to AED 8.79M, while 5-bedroom villas are priced between AED 8.77M and AED 9.87M. These pricing figures highlight the project’s potential for capital appreciation.

Moreover, the strategic location in Dubailand, with quick access to prominent landmarks and major highways, adds value to the investment. With a reputed developer, favorable pricing trends, and a prime location, this project stands as an enticing proposition for investors looking to secure a promising return on their investment. As per industry standards, potential profits can reach up to 20-30% of the initial investment, providing a lucrative opportunity for savvy investors seeking remarkable returns in Dubai’s real estate market.

  • Its off-plan pricing offers a strategic advantage, enabling investors to benefit from lower pre-launch rates.
  • Backed by Sobha Realty’s successful history of projects, investing in this project instills confidence in potential returns.
  • With 4-bedroom villas priced from AED 7.5M to AED 8.79M and 5-bedroom villas from AED 8.77M to AED 9.87M, potential profits of 20-30% can be anticipated, highlighting a lucrative opportunity for substantial returns on investment.
Sobha Reserve Payment Plan

Sobha Dubai Reserve offers a flexible and investor-friendly payment plan, making luxury living an attainable reality. The Sobha Reserve payment plan is structured to accommodate various financial preferences, enhancing accessibility for potential buyers. The journey begins with a modest down payment, typically around 10% of the property’s value, securing your investment and initiating the ownership process. As construction progresses, the remaining 70% is divided into manageable installments, usually distributed over key construction milestones. This phased approach ensures that payments align with project progress, providing transparency and financial ease.

The final installment, constituting around 20% of the total property value, is due upon completion, granting you full ownership and possession of your luxurious residence. This flexible payment plan not only facilitates ownership but also offers an excellent opportunity for investment. With an established developer like Sobha Realty, known for its successful projects, your investment is backed by a reputable track record. Sobha Reserve’s payment plan strikes a harmonious balance between affordability and luxury, offering an attractive avenue for individuals seeking to secure their dream home or make a prudent real estate investment. 

Sobha Reserve Amenities and Facilities

Sobha Reserve offers a range of world-class facilities and amenities, including a gymnasium, swimming pool, landscaped gardens, and a dedicated play area. The community also boasts a Zen Garden, outdoor cinema, private swimming pool, and lawn for each villa. The inclusion of cycling/jogging tracks, rock climbing, and sports courts caters to fitness enthusiasts. Additionally, amenities like BBQ stations, amphitheaters, and children’s play areas provide ample opportunities for relaxation and entertainment, ensuring a well-rounded and enriching lifestyle for residents. 

  • Gymnasium
  • Swimming pool
  • Landscaped gardens
  • Play area
  • Zen Garden
  • Outdoor cinema
  • Private pools
  • Cycling tracks
  • Rock climbing
  • Sports courts
  • BBQ stations
  • Amphitheater
  • Children’s play area
  • Fitness center
  • Yoga garden 
Things to Do Nearby

The strategic location offers a plethora of activities nearby. Immerse yourself in the thrill of IMG Worlds of Adventure or indulge in retail therapy at Cityland Mall, both just minutes away. Experience the cultural tapestry of Global Village or embrace equestrian pursuits at Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club. Nature enthusiasts will find solace at Dubai Miracle Garden and Dubai Butterfly Garden. For golf aficionados, Arabian Ranches Golf Club beckons. With its proximity to these iconic destinations, it ensures a vibrant lifestyle brimming with diverse leisure and entertainment options for residents to explore and enjoy. 

  • IMG Worlds of Adventure
  • Cityland Mall
  • Global Village
  • Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club
  • Dubai Miracle Garden
  • Dubai Butterfly Garden
  • Arabian Ranches Golf Club 

The Reserve offers a range of dining options within its vicinity. Residents can explore diverse culinary experiences, from local flavors to international cuisines, thanks to the strategic location in Dubailand. This ensures a delightful gastronomic journey without having to venture far from the comfort of their luxurious residences. 

  • Culinary Haven Bistro
  • Flavors Fusion Restaurant
  • Garden Terrace Café
  • Savor Street Food Hub
  • Global Gastronomy Lounge 
Schools and Universities

The convenient location provides easy access to a range of reputable educational institutions, catering to families with diverse academic needs. Nearby schools and universities offer quality education and a conducive learning environment, ensuring that residents have excellent options for their children’s education journey. 

  • GEMS Winchester School Dubai
  • Ranches Primary School
  • Jumeirah English Speaking School
  • Dubai British School
  • American School of Dubai
  • Repton School Dubai
  • Global Indian International School
  • Dubai International Academy
  • University of Wollongong in Dubai
  • American University in Dubai
Shopping Malls

The residents have easy access to prominent shopping destinations like Cityland Mall and Global Village, offering a range of retail outlets, dining options, and entertainment venues. These nearby shopping malls provide a diverse and convenient shopping experience, enhancing the lifestyle of those seeking both retail therapy and leisure activities within close proximity. 

  • Cityland Mall
  • Global Village 

It offers an outdoor cinema, providing residents with a unique and immersive entertainment experience. This feature adds a touch of luxury to leisure, allowing residents to enjoy their favorite movies under the open sky within the comfort of their community. 

  • Skyview Cinema
  • Garden Cinema
  • Starry Nights Cinema
  • Moonlit Movies
  • Reserve Open-Air Cinema 
Sobha Reserve Parks

This project features well-designed parks offering serene green spaces for relaxation and recreation. These thoughtfully curated parks provide residents with a tranquil environment, complementing the luxurious lifestyle of the community. 

  • Serenity Park
  • Oasis Park
  • Harmony Park
  • Tranquility Park
  • Green Haven Park  
Religious Centers

It is conveniently located near various religious centers, ensuring accessibility for residents to places of worship that cater to different faiths, fostering a diverse and inclusive community atmosphere.


  • Al Salam Mosque
  • Al Rahman Mosque


  • St. Mary’s Church
  • Holy Trinity Church 
Nearby Transportation Services

The project enjoys proximity to various transportation services, ensuring convenient connectivity for residents. Accessible public transportation options, including bus stops and metro stations, provide effortless commuting within Dubai. Additionally, major road networks such as Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road offer smooth access to different parts of the city, enhancing the accessibility and ease of travel for Sobha Reserve residents. 

Sobha Reserve Supermarkets

It benefits from its proximity to several supermarkets, offering residents convenient access to daily necessities. The presence of well-established supermarkets in the vicinity ensures a hassle-free shopping experience, enhancing the overall convenience and comfort of living within the community. 

  • Carrefour Market
  • Spinneys
  • West Zone Supermarket 
Sobha Reserve Beaches

While Sobha Reserve is nestled within the vibrant heart of Dubailand, it’s worth noting that the community is not directly situated near beaches. However, Dubai’s stunning coastline and beautiful beaches are easily accessible within a short drive, allowing residents to enjoy the sun, sand, and sea whenever they desire a beachfront experience. 

Outdoors Activities Near Sobha Reserve

The enviable location offers a multitude of outdoor activities for residents to embrace. From leisurely walks in lush gardens to invigorating cycling and jogging on dedicated tracks, the community fosters an active lifestyle. Nature enthusiasts can explore the Dubai Miracle Garden and Dubai Butterfly Garden nearby. Golf aficionados have the Arabian Ranches Golf Club as their playground. The development’s proximity to these outdoor attractions ensures that residents have an array of options to engage in outdoor pursuits and enjoy the natural beauty of their surroundings. 

Sobha Reserve Medical Centers

Its proximity to medical centers ensures residents have convenient access to healthcare services. Leading medical facilities, staffed by skilled professionals, provide comprehensive healthcare solutions. In case of medical emergencies or routine check-ups, the presence of these centers offers residents peace of mind, contributing to a secure and well-rounded lifestyle within the community.

  • Al Zahra Hospital
  • Mediclinic Parkview Hospital
  • Saudi German Hospital

Q1. What is the completion date of Sobha Reserve?

Ans: This Project is expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2026.

Q2. What types of properties are available in Sobha Reserve?

Ans: It offers luxurious 4 and 5-bedroom villas, designed with exquisite curvilinear architecture.

Q3. What amenities are available in the community?

Ans: The community offers amenities such as a gymnasium, swimming pool, landscaped gardens, Zen Garden, outdoor cinema, and private swimming pools for each villa.

Q4. Can non-residents purchase properties in Sobha Reserve?

Ans: Yes, Its properties are available for both residents and non-residents to purchase.

Q5. Is there a payment plan for Sobha Reserve properties?

Ans: The Project offers a flexible payment plan that typically involves a down payment of around 10%, followed by installments during construction and a final payment upon completion.