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Mag Property Development

MAG Property Development, now recognized as MAG Lifestyle Development, stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence in the UAE’s real estate landscape. Established in 2003, this dynamic entity, under the umbrella of the esteemed MAG Group, has carved a remarkable niche for itself by delivering over 2,500 residential units, showcasing a legacy of trust, quality, and unmatched craftsmanship. With a robust presence in the heart of Dubai, MAG Property Development has become synonymous with groundbreaking real estate projects that redefine urban living.

At the core of company’s ethos is a steadfast commitment to creating enduring value for property investors and clients. Their diverse portfolio, valued at over US$ 3 billion, is a testament to their dedication. Each project undertaken reflects their passion for innovation, evident in the unique architectural designs, sustainable practices, and luxurious amenities that characterize their developments. With a keen focus on fostering communities, MAG Property Development has successfully established 20+ projects across 9+ communities, transforming spaces into vibrant, thriving neighborhoods where residents can truly feel at home.

What sets the developers apart is not just its impressive numbers but its unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of creativity and sustainability. By embracing cutting-edge technologies and contemporary design concepts, they continue to redefine the standards of living in Dubai. 

As a part of the MAG Group, this development arm embodies the group’s spirit of continuous improvement and innovation, ensuring a legacy of excellence that resonates through every project they undertake. MAG Property Development is not just a real estate developer. It is a visionary creator of living experiences. Here, luxury meets functionality, and dreams find a home.

MAG Property Developers

MAG Properties is a distinguished entity within the MAG Group. It stands as a leading developer with a diverse portfolio that spans across commerce, real estate, services, and construction sectors. Their influence extends to the Middle East and MENA region, covering countries such as Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Lebanon. With a rich history dating back to 1978, the group’s founder and Chairman, Moafaq Ahmed Al Gaddah, initiated the business journey with spare parts trading in Abu Dhabi and has since evolved into one of the most influential figures in the Arab world.

In the Dubai real estate market, MAG Lifestyle Development has left an indelible mark through projects like MAG Townhouses and MAG EYE Apartments in MBR City. Known for their innovation and quality, these projects reflect developerrs commitment to excellence. The company’s expertise extends beyond real estate development; they offer a comprehensive range of services, including property analysis, planning, land acquisition, engineering, marketing, sales, and post-development property management.

With a substantial portfolio and a visionary approach, MAG Dubai continues to create substantial value, ensuring long-term success through operational enhancements and strategic investments. Their commitment to quality and innovation has established them as a prominent force in the real estate industry.

Mag Property Development History

MAG Property Development, now known as MAG Lifestyle Development, has a rich history that reflects its journey from inception to becoming a prominent player in the UAE’s real estate sector. Established in 2003, the company is the real estate development arm of the MAG Group, a multinational corporation founded in 1978 and headquartered in Dubai. From its early days, th set out with a clear vision to deliver the highest standards of living through innovation and continuous improvement. Over the years, this commitment to excellence has led to the successful delivery of more than 2,500 residential units, making it a trusted name in the industry.

The company’s journey has been marked by a dedication to creating diverse and innovative projects in Dubai and properties for sale in Abu Dhabi. With a focus on fostering communities and enhancing the quality of life for its clients, MAG has been a trailblazer in the development of urban living spaces. This journey of growth and achievement has been made possible by a team of hardworking and honest professionals who have upheld the company’s high ethical standards. Through their diligence and expertise, MAG Property Development has earned the trust of clients and stakeholders, becoming one of the leading real estate developers in the UAE. Today, they continue to shape the real estate landscape with their commitment to quality and innovation.

Mag Property Development Chairman

Moafaq Al Gaddah, a distinguished Emirati entrepreneur, stands as a testament to visionary leadership and remarkable achievements. His journey in the business world commenced in 1978 when he founded an automotive spare parts company in Abu Dhabi. Quickly diversifying into oil and lubricants, he demonstrated exceptional acumen in the industry. Under his guidance as the founder and chairman of MAG Group Holding, the company expanded its horizons, venturing into manufacturing and real estate at the turn of the millennium. One of the significant milestones was the development of MAG 214 in Jumeirah Lakes Towers in 2003, marking the group’s foray into real estate.

Over the years, MAG Holding has achieved remarkable feats, completing notable projects such as the Emirates Financial Towers in the Dubai International Financial Centre. Additionally, the group has made impactful contributions internationally, undertaking projects in Syria and Texas, US. Moafaq Al Gaddah’s entrepreneurial spirit and dedication have not only shaped the company’s success but have also solidified his reputation as a philanthropist and multi-billion dollar business leader of exceptional stature.

Mag Property Founder and CEO

MaryAnne Gilmartin, the esteemed Founder and CEO of the company, is a visionary leader renowned for her transformative impact on the real estate landscape. With a wealth of experience and innovative foresight, Gilmartin has steered MAG Property Development to unprecedented heights since its inception. Her strategic brilliance is evident in the company’s impressive portfolio, marked by groundbreaking projects that redefine urban living standards.

Gilmartin’s legacy in the industry is exemplified by her tenure as President and CEO of Forest City Ratner Companies, where she oversaw iconic developments like Barclays Center and The New York Times Building. Her passion for sustainable and inclusive architecture is reflected in MAG ventures, ensuring a harmonious blend of luxury, functionality, and environmental responsibility.

Beyond her professional achievements, Gilmartin is a civic leader and philanthropist, contributing significantly to the cultural and educational fabric of the communities she serves. Her dynamic leadership, coupled with a commitment to social responsibility, continues to shape MAG Property Development‘s ethos, making it a beacon of innovation, integrity, and excellence under her guidance.

Mag Property Development Award

The developer’s impressive array of awards underscores its exceptional contributions to the real estate industry. These accolades serve as a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, and excellence in every project undertaken. In 2019, MAG Property Development was honored with “The Best Real Estate Project (Affordable Housing)” award at the Gulf Real Estate Awards, recognizing its dedication to providing accessible and high-quality housing solutions. The company’s innovative approach was further acknowledged in 2018 when it received the prestigious “Innovative Project of the Year” award at the Arabian Business Real Estate Awards, highlighting its ability to push the boundaries of traditional real estate development.

MAG Property Development’s outstanding achievements were recognized at the Construction Week Awards in 2016. The company was named “Developer of the Year.” This prestigious title reaffirms the company’s status as a leading force in the industry. MAG Property Development is known for its transformative projects and unparalleled contributions to the real estate landscape.

These awards not only celebrate MAG’s past successes but also serve as a promising indicator of the company’s future endeavors, solidifying its reputation as a trailblazer in the real estate sector.

  • The Best Real Estate Project (Affordable Housing)” – Gulf Real Estate Awards 2019
  • “Innovative Project of the Year” – Arabian Business Real Estate Awards 2018
  • “Developer of the Year” – Construction Week Awards 2016
  • MAG won 8 awards at the International Property awards for its Keturah reserve project Dubai.
Mag Property Development Villas and Apartment

MAG City, a premier real estate development, offers an array of exquisite properties for sale, providing diverse options to potential buyers. Presently, there are 31 enticing apartment listings available, catering to various preferences and budgets. These apartments, ranging from AED 620,000 to AED 19,463,000, offer a spectrum of choices based on location, unit size, and layout.

MAG City offers not just apartments but also 41 luxurious villas for sale. You can find various houses for sale here, giving buyers a wide selection to choose from. The prices for these elegant properties range from AED 2,150,000 to AED 13,953,300, catering to different needs and aspirations. The diverse price range showcases the variety within MAG Dubai City, making it an ideal destination for potential homeowners looking for quality and elegance in both apartments and villas. The offered units at different projects are:

  • 1 bedroom properties for sale
  • 2 bedroom properties for sale
  • 3 bedroom properties for sale
Mag Property Development Popular Projects

MAG Property Development has crafted a remarkable legacy through its popular projects in Dubai. They cater to diverse housing needs. Among these projects, MAG 5 Boulevard, MAG 230, and The Polo Residence stand out as vibrant communities.

They offer luxurious townhouses, apartments, and villas.The meticulously designed MAG Eye Townhouses & Apartments and MAG 318 in Downtown Dubai exemplify modern living. They feature contemporary architecture and top-notch amenities. These developments redefine urban lifestyles, blending comfort with sophistication.

With a total of 19 distinct projects, the developers continue to shape the city’s skyline. They provide residents with unparalleled living experiences and set new benchmarks in the real estate industry.Residents are also offered Mag villas for sale.

Mag 5 Boulevard

MAG 5 Boulevard, a jewel in Dubai South’s crown, redefines contemporary living for middle-income individuals. Boasting 13 ultramodern buildings, this development offers some of the most sought-after affordable housing options in Dubai. Ideal for those desiring a harmonious blend of affordability and modernity, MAG 5 Boulevard presents 1- and 2-bedroom flats. These flats are tailored to meet the needs of today’s urban dwellers. Residents here enjoy more than just homes. They embrace a lifestyle enveloped in convenience. Retail outlets, dining establishments, and entertainment facilities are right at their doorstep. This community-focused development reflects MAG Property Development’s commitment to crafting integrated, vibrant spaces. It makes MAG 5 Boulevard a standout choice for those looking to experience Dubai’s dynamic energy without compromising on quality or affordability.

MAG 230

MAG 230 is located in the heart of the City of Arabia within Dubailand. It serves as a testament to luxurious urban living. This residential project consists of an L-shaped high-rise tower. It offers a curated selection of upscale flats for sale in Dubai. The units within MAG 230 include spacious 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom residences. Each of these residences is meticulously designed to offer a blend of sophistication and comfort. The interiors feature lavish finishes with steel and glass accents, creating a modern and elegant ambiance. Additionally, the stylishly designed Mag properties for sale include kitchens and bathrooms that add an extra touch of opulence, enhancing the overall living experience for residents. MAG 230 is a symbol of architectural finesse, promising residents a lifestyle defined by refinement and grandeur.

The Polo Residences

The Polo Residences are located in the vibrant heart of Meydan within Mohammed Bin Rashid City. They offer a unique opportunity for luxury living. These ready-to-move apartments and Mag apartments for sale redefine elegance and convenience. They provide contemporary homes designed for modern lifestyles. Each residence is equipped with fully-furnished kitchens and large windows. These features flood the interiors with abundant natural light, creating a welcoming ambiance. What sets The Polo Residences at MAG Dubai apart is not just their stylish interiors but also their prime location adjacent to a world-class race track. Residents here enjoy the serenity of expansive lush green spaces and a plethora of premium amenities. This makes every moment spent in this prestigious community a truly indulgent experience.

The MBL Residence

The MBL Residence, a sophisticated blend of residential and commercial spaces, stands tall in the heart of Jumeirah Lake Towers. This 42-storey architectural marvel, designed by MAG, seamlessly combines classic aesthetics with contemporary elements, setting new standards for luxury living. The tower’s elegance is evident from the moment residents step into the 5-star lobby, offering a grand welcome. What truly distinguishes The MBL Residence is its picturesque surroundings. Residents at Mag properties for sale are treated to refreshing water views. These views enhance the sense of tranquility and provide a serene backdrop to everyday life. Additionally, the tower offers breathtaking vistas of the majestic Al Mas Tower. This further enhances the visual appeal of this exceptional development. With its prime location, modern design, and scenic views, The MBL Residence by MAG epitomizes refined urban living in one of Dubai’s most sought-after neighborhoods.

MAG Eye Townhouses & Apartments

MAG Eye Townhouses & Apartments by MAG Properties are a perfect blend of elegance and practicality. They redefine urban living in Dubai’s prestigious Meydan area within Mohammed bin Rashid City. These residences are available as 3- and 4-bedroom townhouses, as well as studio and 1-bedroom apartments. They boast meticulously curated interiors that ensure both style and comfort. We designed the properties with a keen focus on good ventilation systems, allowing for a refreshing atmosphere within the homes. Mag apartments for sale are also available for residents.

What sets MAG Eye apart is not only its thoughtful interiors but also its array of amenities, catering to the needs of modern urban dwellers. From recreational spaces to communal facilities, residents enjoy a convenient and enriching lifestyle. These residences offer an affordable yet upscale option. They cater to those seeking a contemporary and comfortable living experience. This makes MAG Eye Townhouses & Apartments a prime choice in Dubai’s real estate market.

MAG 318

MAG Properties developed an impressive high-rise residential tower called MAG 318. It stands as a beacon of modern living in the bustling heart of Business Bay. The apartments in MAG 318 boast integrated amenities, including retail outlets, dining establishments, and leisure spaces. This offers residents a truly high-end living experience.

The project’s strategic location is just 50 meters away from the iconic Dubai Mall. This proximity adds to its allure and makes it one of the most sought-after developments in the emirate. The tower offers a range of options, from studios to spacious 1- and 2-bedroom apartments for sale in Business Bay. This variety caters to the diverse needs of urban dwellers.

With its luxurious amenities and proximity to key attractions, MAG 318 exemplifies contemporary urban living at its finest. It sets a new standard for sophisticated lifestyles in Dubai.

Mag Upcoming Projects

There are few projects that are in line of completion to provide a better living standard to residents of Dubai. Such as:

Keturah Reserve

MAG Keturah Reserve, located in MBR City District 7 is an upcoming project by its developers, offering luxurious villas and residential units with a focus on a peaceful lifestyle. These homes are designed to connect people with nature, creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere. The buildings are beautifully designed and surrounded by greenery, making it a pleasant place to live. The community provides various activities like sports and entertainment, promoting a healthy and balanced life. It’s a great choice for those who want to live in a quiet and natural environment while enjoying a range of activities. MAG Keturah Reserve is perfect for people who appreciate a simple yet fulfilling lifestyle.

The Ritz-Carlton

The Ritz-Carlton is known for being extremely luxurious and special. It offers top-notch services that are unmatched and sets the highest standards for luxury around the world. The brand is not just about providing a place to stay; it has redefined what luxury means. The Ritz-Carlton Residences by MAG Dubai allow owners to enjoy the same excellent services as hotel guests. In addition, residents have their own staff and special amenities. This combination of excellent hospitality and personalized services creates a life of high-class living. The Ritz-Carlton Residences show a lifestyle of incredible comfort, taking luxury living to a whole new level.

Mag 330 Apartments

MAG 330 is a new 23-story residential tower in Dubailand, developed by MAG PD. It offers high-quality studios, 1 & 2 bedroom apartments in the City of Arabia. The building is impressive, featuring modern designs and practical innovations. It’s great location provides easy access to popular tourist spots in Dubai and nearby amenities like schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and more. The interiors and exteriors of this building are carefully designed for maximum comfort and elegance. Surrounded by greenery, Mag 330 Apartments offers a peaceful environment with lots of amenities. The building has a health club and leisure facilities, allowing residents to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. With premium amenities and excellent services, living here offers a luxurious experience, making your dreams come true.


In conclusion, MAG Property Development stands as a beacon of innovation, luxury, and excellence in the vibrant landscape of Dubai’s real estate market. They have a rich history dating back to 2003. They also have a diverse portfolio of projects. The developers have redefined urban living. They offer residents not just homes but holistic experiences marked by sophistication and comfort.

The company’s commitment to creating exceptional communities is evident. They offer options like MAG 5 Boulevard for affordable living. Additionally, they provide upscale residences in MAG City. This showcases their dedication to catering to various lifestyles and preferences.

The developer, Moafaq Al Gaddah, has established a strong reputation for quality and trustworthiness, and renowned figures like him have bolstered this reputation. It also collaborates with reputable partners. The accolades earned and the awards won are testament to their unwavering pursuit of excellence. People know the developers for crafting elegant Mag apartments for sale. They also create stylish townhouses and luxurious villas, including Mag villas for sale. Their work consistently exceeds expectations and sets new standards in the realm of real estate.

Many people trust MAG Property Development for their innovation and integrity. They are actively shaping Dubai’s skyline by offering a diverse range of properties. These properties have the power to transform houses into dream homes and communities into vibrant, thriving neighborhoods.