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Nshama Kaya at Town Square Dubai

Kaya at Town Square Summary

Starting From

AED 725,888

  • Property Type: Apartment
  • Down Payment: 10%
  • Unit type: 1, 2 and 3 Bedroom
  • Payment Plan: 50/50
  • Size 618.17 to 1,510 Sq Ft.
  • Handover: Aug - 2026
310 Riverside Crescent

Nshama Kaya

Nshama Kaya at Town Square Dubai, offers modern urban living in the heart of Dubai’s vibrant community. With prices starting at AED 725,888, this new launch features 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments ranging from 618.17 to 1,419.65 square feet, with a 10% down payment and a 50/50 payment plan. 

Scheduled for handover in August 2026, it promises residents a transformative experience with meticulously designed amenities and an unparalleled location. The development boasts about 154,000 square meters of parks and 16 community gardens, providing an oasis of tranquility amidst the urban landscape. 

Residents can enjoy a landscaped courtyard with a swimming pool and spacious deck, dedicated play areas for children, and other leisure options right at their doorstep. With glazed porcelain floors, built-in wardrobes, and fitted kitchens, the interiors exude sophistication and practicality. 

This project is part of a visionary master-planned community, setting new standards for urban living with its premium apartments and convenient location.

Key Features

  • Modern urban living in Dubai
  • Premium apartments starting from AED 725,888
  • Meticulously designed amenities for comfort
  • Convenient location at Town Square
  • Flexible payment plans available

Location Map

Kaya at Town Square Dubai enjoys a prime location at the heart of Town Square, offering residents convenient access to various amenities and attractions. Situated within proximity to Dubai Miracle Garden, Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club, EXPO 2020 site, and other key destinations, the Kaya location promises a vibrant and dynamic urban lifestyle. 

  • 15 minutes drive from Dubai Miracle Garden
  • 10 minutes drive from Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club
  • 20 minutes drive from EXPO 2020 site
  • 20 minutes drive from Jebel Ali Racecourse
  • 23 minutes drive from Palm Jumeirah
  • 25 minutes drive from The Dubai Mall

Payment Plan

The Kaya at Town Square payment plan is designed to provide flexibility and convenience to potential buyers. With a 10% down payment required upon booking, the plan offers manageable installments during the construction phase, totaling 40% of the purchase price. 

The remaining 50% is due upon handover, ensuring that buyers can secure their investment with ease. Additionally, the payment plan allows for a smooth transition into homeownership, with the option to finance the property through a combination of upfront payment and installments. 

This structure enables buyers to plan their finances effectively and make owning a home in this desirable location more accessible.

Master Plan

Kaya at Town Square Dubai master plan embodies a visionary approach to urban living, setting new standards for community development. With meticulous attention to detail, the plan integrates premium residential units seamlessly within a dynamic environment. 

Residents can expect a well-thought-out layout that maximizes green spaces and amenities while fostering a sense of community and connectivity. Designed to enhance the overall quality of life, the master plan ensures convenient access to recreational facilities, retail outlets, and essential services. 

It reflects a commitment to creating a vibrant and sustainable neighborhood that caters to the diverse needs of its residents.

Types and Sizes of Apartments

Kaya at Town Square Dubai offers a diverse range of apartment types and sizes to suit various preferences and lifestyles. With options including 1, 2, and 3-bedroom units, residents can choose from layouts ranging from 618.17 to 1,419.65 square feet. 

Each apartment is meticulously designed to maximize space and functionality, providing residents with comfortable living spaces tailored to their needs. Whether seeking a cozy retreat or a spacious family home, it offers an option for everyone. 

  • 1-bedroom units: 618.17 square feet
  • 2-bedroom units: 1,017.62 square feet
  • 3-bedroom units: 1,419.65 square feet
Floor Plans

NSHAMA Kaya Town Square Dubai Apartments for sale offer meticulously crafted floor plans that cater to varying lifestyle preferences and needs. With options including 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments, each layout maximizes space and functionality while maintaining a contemporary aesthetic. 

Residents can expect well-designed interiors with thoughtful details such as spacious living areas, ample storage, and modern fixtures. Kaya floor plans prioritize comfort and convenience, providing residents with versatile spaces that adapt to their evolving needs. 

Whether seeking a cozy retreat or an open-concept living space, the diverse range of floor plans ensures that every resident can find their ideal home within this vibrant community.

Features and Amenities

Kaya at Town Square Dubai offers features and amenities that enhance residents’ lifestyles. The development boasts 154,000 square meters of parks and 16 community gardens, providing a serene oasis amidst the urban landscape. 

Residents can enjoy a landscaped courtyard with a swimming pool and spacious deck, perfect for relaxation and recreation. Dedicated play areas for children cater to family-friendly leisure activities. 

Inside the apartments, residents are greeted with interiors that exude sophistication and practicality, featuring glazed porcelain floors, built-in wardrobes, and fitted kitchens. 

With its comprehensive amenities, it ensures a comfortable and convenient living experience for its residents. 

  • Swimming pool
  • Landscaped courtyard
  • Community gardens
  • Children’s play areas
  • Spacious deck
  • Glazed floors
  • Built-in wardrobes
  • Fitted kitchens
  • Family-friendly environment 
Why invest in Kaya by Nshama?

Investing in Nshama Kaya at Town Square Dubai presents a lucrative opportunity due to its prime location and innovative design. With a projected high ROI in Dubai’s thriving real estate market, investors can capitalize on the development’s potential for long-term appreciation. 

The strategic location, coupled with premium amenities and flexible payment plans, makes it a compelling choice for those seeking both financial growth and lifestyle enhancement. 

  • Prime location for high ROI
  • Innovative design and architecture
  • Thriving real estate market opportunities
  • Projected long-term appreciation potential
  • Premium amenities and flexible payment plans

Q1. What is the starting price for apartments?

Ans:The starting price for apartments is AED 725,888.

Q2. When is the expected handover date for this project?

Ans:The handover for these apartments is scheduled for August 2026.

Q3. What are the payment plan options available?

Ans:The payment plan requires a 10% down payment upon booking, with 40% payable during construction and the remaining 50% upon handover.

Q4. What amenities are offered within the development?

Ans:It offers amenities such as a swimming pool, landscaped courtyard, community gardens, children’s play areas, and spacious decks.

Q5. What sizes of apartments are available?

Ans:Apartments at this project range from 618.17 to 1,419.65 square feet, with options including 1, 2, and 3-bedroom units.


AED 800,000

/ Starting From

AED 702,888

/ Starting From

AED 700,888

/ Starting From

AED 770,000

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