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Sanctuary Falls by Shaikh Holdings at Jumeirah Golf Estates

Sanctuary Falls Summary

Starting From

AED 7,600,000

  • Property Type: Villa
  • Down Payment: Call Us
  • Unit type: 5 & 6 Bedrooms
  • Payment Plan: Call Us
  • Size 5,600 to 10,700 Sq Ft.
  • Handover: Ready to move in
Sanctuary Falls

Sanctuary Falls

Sanctuary Falls, situated in Jumeirah Golf Estates, Dubai, offers an exclusive villa living experience with over 90 resort-style houses featuring 5 and 6 bedrooms. These luxurious residences are designed in three distinct architectural styles: Modern, Traditional, and Contemporary, each with stunning views of waterfalls, lakes, or golf courses. 

Residents here enjoy easy access to all city amenities and are part of the esteemed Jumeirah Golf Estates community. The villas range from 5,600 sq. ft. to 10,700 sq. ft., offering a range of architectural choices, custom finishes, basements, lifts, and home automation systems. 

For those considering renting, 5-bed villas typically range from AED 750k to AED 800k, while buying a 5-bed villa can cost between AED 7.6M to AED 22.9M. The community offers excellent transport links, with key roads like Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road and Sheikh Zayed Road within easy reach and a range of supermarkets, schools, healthcare facilities, mosques, and entertainment options nearby. 

It is a haven for golf enthusiasts and nature lovers, boasting lush landscapes, top-notch golf courses, and a serene yet connected lifestyle in the heart of Dubai.

Key Features

  • Exclusive villa community in Jumeirah Golf Estates
  • 5 and 6-bedroom Sanctuary Falls villas for sale with modern, traditional, or contemporary architectural styles
  • Customization options for views, color palettes, and finishes
  • Rental prices for 5-bed villas range from AED 750k to AED 800k
  • Purchase prices for 5-bed villas start at AED 7.6M, going up to AED 22.9M


This project is ideally situated within Jumeirah Golf Estates, offering convenient access to major roadways, such as Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E311) and Sheikh Zayed Road (E11), both just minutes away. This prime location provides excellent connectivity to central Dubai and nearby areas, ensuring a well-connected and accessible living experience. 

  • 5 minutes’ drive from Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E311)
  • 10 minutes’ drive from Al Khail Road (E44)
  • 15 minutes’ drive from Sheikh Zayed Road (E11)
  • 20 minutes’ drive to Dubai International Airport
  • 20 minutes’ drive to Dubai Marina Mall
  • 15 minutes’ drive to Dubai Sports City
  • 20 minutes’ drive to JBR Beach
  • 20 minutes’ drive to Jumeirah Beach
  • 20 minutes’ drive to Private Beach

Payment Plan

The payment plan for Sanctuary Falls at JGE is designed to offer flexibility and convenience to potential buyers. While specific details may vary based on the property’s size, location, and architectural style, the overall approach typically involves a combination of down payments and installment options. 

Buyers can expect to make an initial down payment upon purchase, followed by scheduled installments spread over a specific timeframe. The exact terms and conditions are subject to negotiation with the developer or seller. 

This approach allows buyers to adapt their payment plan to suit their financial preferences and ease the process of acquiring a luxury villa in this exclusive Jumeirah Golf Estates community.

Master Plan

The master plan of this project is an embodiment of luxury and lifestyle integration. With a meticulously designed layout, the community offers an exclusive enclave of 5 and 6-bedroom villas, each meticulously crafted with a choice of architectural styles, including Modern, Traditional, and Contemporary. 

The villas are complemented by breathtaking views of cascading waterfalls, serene lakes, and world-class golf courses. The overall design emphasizes a harmonious connection between residents and nature. It incorporates lush landscaped gardens, outdoor seating areas, playgrounds, and fitness centers, creating a holistic living environment where luxury meets tranquility in the heart of Dubai.

Unit Types

It offers a variety of luxurious apartments designed to cater to diverse preferences. These residences come in multiple configurations, with 5-bedroom and 6-bedroom villas. 

The 5-bedroom villas are ideal for individuals or couples seeking a cozy, comfortable living space, while the larger 6-bedroom villas are perfect for families or those desiring ample space and versatility. 

These villas are thoughtfully designed with modern layouts, premium finishes, and attention to detail, ensuring a sophisticated and comfortable living environment for residents with various lifestyles and needs. 

  • 5-bedroom villas
  • 6-bedroom villas
Floor Plans

It offers an array of thoughtfully designed floor plans to cater to the diverse preferences of residents. The selection includes both 5-bedroom and 6-bedroom villas, each with its unique layout and specifications. From Type A to Type J, these floor plans encompass spacious living areas, multiple bedrooms, and bathrooms. 

With varied options, residents can find the ideal layout to suit their lifestyle and needs. These well-conceived floor plans provide a seamless blend of luxury and comfort, ensuring that each villa offers a distinctive living experience while taking full advantage of the community’s lush surroundings and world-class amenities.

Features and Amenities

It offers an array of exceptional features and amenities. This exclusive villa community boasts luxurious 5 and 6-bedroom villas with a choice of architectural styles. Residents enjoy the flexibility to customize their homes with various views, color palettes, and finishes. 

The community provides a serene and well-connected lifestyle, with key roads like Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road and Sheikh Zayed Road within easy reach. It also includes private parking spaces for all villas. Beyond the gates, residents have access to numerous supermarkets, schools, healthcare facilities, mosques, and a variety of entertainment options. 

These amenities, along with the beautiful natural surroundings, make this residential project a truly exclusive and desirable living destination.

  • Golf courses
  • Playgrounds
  • Parks
  • Fitness centers
  • Basements
  • Home automation
  • Private parking
  • Supermarkets nearby
  • Quality schools
Why Sanctuary Falls by Shaikh Holdings?

Sanctuary Falls by Shaikh Holdings at Jumeirah Golf Estates stands out as a hallmark of luxury living in the heart of Jumeirah Golf Estates. This exclusive villa community offers a unique blend of sophistication and natural beauty. With its exquisite architectural designs, customization options, and access to world-class golf courses, it provides residents with an unparalleled living experience. 

The development’s commitment to creating a serene and well-connected lifestyle makes this project a sought-after choice for those who appreciate luxury and tranquility in their daily lives. 

  • Exclusive luxury villas in Jumeirah Golf Estates
  • Three distinct architectural styles for personalization
  • Commendable commitment to quality and customization
  • Serene living amidst breathtaking natural surroundings
  • An upscale choice for those seeking luxury in Dubai 

Q1. What types of architectural styles are available for the villas in this project?

Ans: It offers three distinct architectural styles: Modern, Traditional, and Contemporary, allowing residents to choose their preferred design aesthetic.

Q2. Are there customization options for the villas?

Ans: Yes, residents can personalize their villas by selecting their preferred views, color palettes, and finishes, creating a truly customized living space.

Q3. What is the starting price for purchasing a 5-bedroom villa in Sanctuary Falls?

Ans: The starting price for a 5-bedroom villa is AED 7.6 million, with variations based on specific features and location.

Q4. What amenities are available within the community?

Ans: It offers amenities like playgrounds, parks, fitness centers, and access to world-class golf courses designed by Greg Norman.

Q5. How far is this project from Dubai International Airport?

Ans: It is approximately a 20-minute drive from Dubai International Airport, providing convenient access for travelers.


AED 3.7 M

/ Starting From

AED 18.5 M

/ Starting From

AED 1.9 M

/ Starting From

AED 3.99 M

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