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Park Greens Phase 2 at Damac Hills 2 by Damac Properties

Park Greens Phase 2 Summary

Starting From

AED 2,890,000

  • Property Type: Twin Villas
  • Down Payment: 20%
  • Unit type: 5 Bedrooms
  • Payment Plan: 1% Monthly, (60/40)
  • Size Various Sizes Available
  • Handover: Mar - 2027
Park Greens Phase 2

Park Greens Phase 2

Park Greens Phase 2 by Damac Properties is a premier residential development situated in Damac Hills 2, Dubai. The latest release introduces elegant 5-bedroom twin villas, reshaping the landscape of community living by providing residents with a lavish retreat. 

These residences come with premium water amenities and vast parklands covering 5.1 million sq. ft., offering a luxurious environment. Each twin villa showcases sophisticated features, including floor-to-ceiling windows, stylish design elements, and comprehensive customization choices, establishing a haven of contemporary opulence. Residents can enjoy a vibrant lifestyle with sports amenities, water attractions, and various experiences. 

Some of the facilities in this project include gym, dining spaces, play areas, parks, and leisure areas, restaurants, and parking areas. The pricing for these twin villas starts from AED 2,890,000, with a flexible payment plan requiring a 20% down payment, followed by 1% monthly installments during construction (60/40), and the final 40% upon handover in March 2027. 

The strategic location ensures access to key landmarks, like Al Maktoum International Airport, Aster Medical Centre, Dubai Outlet Mall, etc., which adds to the overall appeal of this housing project in Dubai.

Key Features

  • 5-bedroom twin villas with customization
  • Premium water facilities and parklands
  • Vibrant lifestyle with sports amenities
  • Pricing starts from AED 2,890,000
  • Flexible payment plan available


It is strategically located in Damac Hills 2, Dubai, offering residents convenient access to key landmarks.

 With Al Maktoum International Airport just 30 minutes away and various amenities like Aster Medical Centre, Dubai Outlet Mall, First Avenue Mall, and Mall of the Emirates within a 15 to 30-minute radius, Park Greens Phase 2 location combines accessibility with lifestyle convenience. 

Nearby Areas and Places
  • 30 minutes drive from Al Maktoum International Airport
  • 15 minutes drive from Aster Medical Centre
  • 15 minutes drive from Dubai Outlet Mall
  • 15 minutes drive from First Avenue Mall
  • 30 minutes drive from Mall of the Emirates
  • 20 minutes drive from Dubai Sports City
  • 25 minutes drive from Dubai Marina
  • 20 minutes drive from Dubai Miracle Garden

Payment Plan

Damac Park Greens Phase 2  payment plan for prospective buyers. The plan requires a reasonable 20% down payment upon booking. During the construction phase, purchasers will make monthly payments of 1%, spanning from the first to the 37th installment. 

The final 40% of the total cost is due upon handover, which is projected for March 2027. This accommodating payment structure allows buyers to manage their investment over time while ensuring that the handover payment aligns with the completion of the property, providing financial ease and security throughout the home buying process.

Master Plan

Park Greens Phase 2 at Damac Hills 2 unveils a thoughtfully designed master plan, seamlessly integrating modern living with natural surroundings. Including cycling trails, fitness centers, gardens, and parks, the community promotes a healthy and active lifestyle. 

Residents can indulge in outdoor activities at the dedicated spaces, including an outdoor dining area, gymnasium, and running track. The inclusion of amenities like schools, shopping malls, spa, sauna, tennis courts, and yoga & meditation zones ensures a well-rounded living experience. 

Park Greens Phase 2 master plan reflects a commitment to creating a harmonious environment, blending recreational elements with essential services, and elevating the quality of life for residents.

Types and Sizes of Villas

Park Greens at Damac Hills 2 villas for sale offer exclusively designed 5-bedroom options, providing residents with spacious and customizable living spaces. The floor plans, such as the Tanami Floor Plan, cater to diverse preferences, allowing residents to personalize their homes. 

While specific sizes are available upon request, the emphasis on open spaces and natural light creates an ambiance of luxury and comfort. These thoughtfully crafted twin villas, with sleek design accents and full customization options. 

They present an opportunity for residents to experience modern opulence in every detail, ensuring a harmonious blend of style and functionality in their living spaces.

Floor Plans

It presents meticulously crafted floor plans, exemplifying contemporary luxury and functionality. The floor plan, tailored for Twin Villas, offers a combination of aesthetic appeal and practical design. 

With sizes available on request, each villa is conceptualized with precision, featuring open spaces and customizable layouts. The floor plans prioritize natural light, creating an ambiance of warmth and openness. 

This attention to detail ensures that residents can personalize their living spaces, fostering a sense of individuality. Park Greens Phase 2 floor plans not only showcase architectural finesse but also cater to diverse preferences, providing a canvas for residents to shape their ideal home.

Features and Amenities

It offers an array of features and amenities, ensuring a luxurious and vibrant lifestyle for residents. The developers have ensured that 5-bedroom twin villas have modern design, large-size windows, and full customization options, creating a fully appreciable housing option. 

The development includes premium water facilities and 5.1 million sq. ft. of lush parklands, providing a tranquil escape. Residents can enjoy sports amenities, water attractions, and various experiences. 

In addition to other features, there are various dining options, play areas, gym, parks, leisure areas, restaurants, and a swimming pool. These amenities contribute to an enriching living experience for its residents. 

Key Features and Amenities
  • Twin villas
  • Customization options
  • Water facilities
  • Lush parklands
  • Sports amenities
  • Kids’ play areas
  • Covered parking
  • Dining outlets
  • Swimming pool
Why Park Greens 2 by Damac Properties?

Park Greens Phase 2 by Damac at Damac Hills 2 stands out as a pinnacle of modern living in Damac Hills 2, Dubai. Offering 5-bedroom twin villas with customizable floor plans, it redefines community living with premium water facilities, expansive parklands, and a vibrant array of amenities. 

The thoughtfully designed master plan, strategic location, and flexible payment options add to its allure. With a commitment to luxury, functionality, and an enriched lifestyle, it emerges as an exceptional choice for those seeking sophistication and comfort in their dream home.

  • 5-bedroom twin villas with customization
  • 20% down payment
  • High return on investment 
  • Strategic location in Damac Hills 2
  • Flexible payment options available

Q1. What is the starting price of the twin villas in Park Greens Phase 2?

Ans: The starting price for the twin villas is AED 2,890,000.

Q2. Can I customize the floor plan of the 5-bedroom twin villas?

Ans: Yes, the twin villas offer full customization options to meet individual preferences and needs.

Q3. What is the handover date?

Ans: The handover is scheduled for March 2027, providing buyers with a projected timeline for possession.

Q4. Is there a flexible payment plan available for buyers?

Ans: Yes, the development offers a flexible payment plan, with a 20% down payment and monthly installments during construction (60/40) leading to handover.

Q5. What amenities are included in the community?

Ans: The community features dining outlets, a gymnasium, kids’ play areas, covered parking, parks, leisure areas, restaurants, retail outlets, and a swimming pool.


AED 818,000

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AED 756,000

/ Starting From

AED 2.99 M

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AED 1.79 M

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AED 2.89 M

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AED 1.83 M

/ Starting From

AED 6.22 M

/ Starting From

AED 406,000

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