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Camelia Villas at Damac Hills 2 by Damac Properties

Camelia Villas Summary

Starting From

AED 1,322,000

  • Property Type: Townhouse
  • Down Payment: 20%
  • Unit type: 3 & 4 Bedroom
  • Payment Plan: 70/30
  • Size: 1,721.47 to 2,397.28 Sq Ft.
  • Handover: Jun - 2025

Camelia Villas at Damac Hills 2

Camelia Villas at Damac Hills 2 are a true masterpiece of modern living. These luxurious 3-bedroom townhouses offer an unrivaled level of comfort, elegance, and convenience, making them an ideal choice for those who appreciate the finer things in life. The exterior design of Camelia Villas is breathtaking, with meticulous attention to detail and a beautiful blend of contemporary and classic elements. The spacious interiors boast state-of-the-art finishes, providing a lavish living space that exudes opulence and sophistication.

The amenities and facilities at Camelia Damac Hills 2 are second to none, offering a wealth of options for sports, rejuvenation, entertainment, and relaxation. Residents can indulge in a variety of leisure activities, from swimming and fitness to entertainment and relaxation, creating a holiday-like experience within their own home.

Located in Damac Hills 2, Camelia Villas offer a serene retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the city, while still being conveniently close to major landmarks and destinations. It’s a perfect blend of tranquility and accessibility, providing an unparalleled lifestyle for those who value luxury, comfort, and style.

Make Camelia Villas your dream home and elevate your living experience to new heights with its exceptional offerings that redefine the meaning of luxurious living.

Key Features 

  • Situated at prime location 
  • Best class services and facilities 
  • A luxury townhouse of 3 bedrooms
  • Comfortable and fine living
  • Offers sports and water activities
  • Far from hustle and bustle of city life
  • Extraordinary living standards
  • Private gardens with every townhouse
  • Best town house with Premium design 


Camelia Villas is ideally located at Damac Hills 2 in Dubai, providing seamless connectivity to four highways and easy access to prominent landmarks, malls, medical centers, and airports. Residents can enjoy a serene setting away from the city’s hustle and bustle while still being close to key destinations for convenience and comfort.



  • Dubai outlet mall is 15 minutes away from camelia villas
  • First avenue mall is 15 minutes away from camelia villa
  • Aster medical center is 15 minutes away from camelia villa
  • NMC royal hospital is 25 minutes away from camelia villas
  • Radisson dubai damac hills is 10 minutes away from camelia villa
  • Al maktoum international airport is 30 minutes away from camelia villa
  • Mall of Emirates  is 30 minutes away from camelia villas
Camelia Villas Payment Plan:

Camelia Villas by Damac Properties takes pride in offering simple and convenient payment plans to make the transition to your new home as smooth as possible. With flexible payment options. Residents can easily avail themselves of the blessings of nature and modernity without any undue financial burden. The payment plans are designed to provide ease and convenience. Allowing residents to fulfill their dream of owning a luxury townhouse at Camelia Villas without any hassle. 

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or an experienced investor. The simple payment plans at Camelia Villas make it accessible for everyone to enjoy the serene and refined lifestyle that this exceptional development has to offer. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to embrace a new way of living in Camelia Villa with its attractive and hassle-free payment plans. Teh starting price is AED 1.3 M.

Master Plan:

Masterfully planned, Camelia Villas at Damac Hills 2 is designed to provide its residents with an exceptional lifestyle. The community offers a premium world at a prominent location. With easy access to international schools, top-rated restaurants, luxury malls, world-class hotels, rejuvenating spas and saunas, and more.

At Camelia Villa, residents can experience the luxurious flow of natural bliss that rejuvenates and re-energizes them. Inspiring them to explore more of what life has to offer. The community is designed to offer a truly remarkable lifestyle with an array of premium amenities and services. Including sports and rejuvenation facilities, entertainment zones, and lush green spaces.

The master plan of Camelia Villas is focused on creating an environment that promotes superior comfort and luxury. With carefully curated designs that showcase the finest of living spaces. The community’s strategic location allows residents to enjoy the best of both worlds. The peace and tranquility of nature, along with easy access to the city’s major landmarks and destinations.

In short, Camelia Villas at Damac Hills 2 is a world-class community that provides its residents with the perfect combination of luxury, comfort, and convenience. Making it an ideal choice for those seeking a premium lifestyle in Dubai.

Types of Units:

Camelia at damac hills 2 is offering different types of units. Each unit is unique in its design and development. 

  • 3 unit bedroom 
  • 4 unit bedroom
Floor Plans:

Camelia Villas at Damac Hills 2 boasts thoughtfully designed and spacious 3-bedroom townhouses that epitomize luxury living. With floor plans that showcase timeless designs and impeccable attention to detail. These homes offer a wealth of space both inside and out. The layouts are crafted to provide an elevated lifestyle. With private facilities and gardens that create a serene and comfortable living environment. Whether it’s relaxing in the elegant interiors or enjoying the lush green surroundings. Camelia Villa offers a truly exceptional living experience for its residents.

Facilities and Amenities:

The residents of Camelia by Damac Properties Dubai are treated to an unparalleled array of facilities and amenities that elevate their living experience to new heights. Surrounded by a lush green environment with water features and man-made beach areas. Camelia Villas offer a truly luxurious and resort-like lifestyle.

The Zen Garden provides a serene retreat for relaxation and meditation. While the Lazy River offers a unique and calming experience of floating along a gentle stream. The Malibu Beach, with its pristine sands and turquoise waters, is a perfect spot for sunbathing and leisurely strolls.

Fitness enthusiasts can take advantage of the well-equipped Gymnasium and Fitness Zones. While sports lovers can enjoy the Tennis Court and Football Space. The development also features ample Parking Space for residents and guests.

The Floating Cinema is a unique and innovative offering, providing an immersive movie-watching experience on the water. The Fishing Lake is a perfect spot for angling enthusiasts, and the Dance Studio offers a place for residents to indulge in their passion for dance.

In addition to these exceptional amenities. Camelia Villas also offer 24-hour security and maintenance services, ensuring residents’ peace of mind and convenience. The carefully curated facilities at Camelia Villas create a truly extraordinary lifestyle that exceeds all expectations. Making it an ideal place to call home for those who seek the epitome of luxury living.

Why Choose Camelia Villas?

Choosing Camelia Villas at Damac Hills 2 Dubai is an ideal choice for those seeking an extraordinary lifestyle in Dubai. Experience the epitome of luxury living at Camelia Villa, where every detail is meticulously crafted to provide an exceptional lifestyle for its residents.

Here are some reasons why Camelia Villas is the perfect choice for discerning homebuyers:

  1. Luxury Living: Camelia Villa offers premium 3-bedroom townhouses with timeless designs, impeccable finishes, and a wealth of space for ultimate comfort.
  2. Exceptional Amenities: The development offers an array of world-class amenities, including sports facilities, entertainment options, and rejuvenation areas, creating a truly luxurious living experience.
  3. Serene Location: Nestled in the serene surroundings of Damac Hills 2, Camelia Villas offers a peaceful escape from the bustling city, while still being close to major landmarks and destinations.
  4. Thoughtful Master Plan: The master plan of Camelia Villas ensures a well-designed community with private gardens, water features, and recreational spaces, creating a perfect setting for families to thrive.
  5. Convenient Connectivity: Camelia Villa enjoys easy access to highways, schools, restaurants, malls, and other essential facilities, making it a convenient choice for modern living.

Q1: What are the prices for Camelia Villas?

Ans: Prices start from AED 1.3 M.

Q2: What makes Camelia an attractive project?

Ans: Its features, prime location, facilities for every age group and payment plan makes it an attractive project for buyers and investors.

Q3: What is the unit type in Camelia Villas?

Ans: Offered units in camelia are 3 unit bedroom , 4 unit bedroom


AED 980,000

/ Starting From

AED 450,000

/ Starting From

AED 1.9 M

/ Starting From

AED 4.8 M

/ Starting From


AED 1.82 M

/ Starting From

AED 556,000

/ Starting From

AED 6.22 M

/ Starting From

AED 307,000

/ Starting From