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Venice at DAMAC Lagoons

Lagoons Venice Summary

Starting From

AED 4.8M

  • Property Type: Villa
  • Down Payment: 20%
  • Unit type: 6 & 7 Bedrooms
  • Payment Plan: 80/20
  • Size: 4,066 to 24,752 sq. ft.
  • Handover: Q4 - 2025


Venice at DAMAC Lagoons villas provide residents with the opportunity to experience the charm and romance of the city in the comfort of their own homes. We at Damac Lagoons are meticulously designed with attention to detail, creating an atmosphere of warmth and comfort that complements the surrounding beauty. Residents of these villas can enjoy a range of water surfing activities, further enhancing their experience of living in a floating city. 

These uniquely designed Italian architectural villas offer a captivating fusion of contemporary and traditional elements, providing residents and visitors with remarkable living spaces that celebrate the rich heritage and artistic excellence of Italy.

The Venice villas by Damac Properties Dubai are part of the DAMAC Lagoons development, situated in Dubai. This development offers a collection of spacious villas with sweeping views of the lagoons, drawing inspiration from the monochromatic architecture of Venice. 

The villas come in 6-7 bedroom configurations, offering ample space for families. They feature various levels, private gardens, balconies, staff rooms, and other amenities depending on the villa layout.

These luxury villas in Damac Lagoons Venice offer an extravagant lifestyle, taking cues from the enchanting streets and canals of Venice. Damac Properties Dubai has created villas in Dubai’s DAMAC Lagoons inspired by the stone and wood architecture of Venice.

Key Features:

  • Project completion date is December 2025.
  • Venice-inspired 6 and 7-Bedroom Villas
  • Uniquely designed Italian architectural villas
  • Pristine water lagoons and sandy beaches
  • Exclusive access to Damac Lagoons amenities and features


Venice DAMAC Lagoons, an exquisite development by DAMAC Properties, is nestled within a master-planned community in the vibrant city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Strategically situated at the crossroads of Hessa Street (D61) and Sheikh Zayed Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan Street (D54), this remarkable residential cluster offers unparalleled convenience and connectivity. The location provides seamless access to major Dubai highways, facilitating easy travel to various key destinations throughout the city. 

  • Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club – 10 minutes 
  • Dubai Autodrome – 12 minutes 
  • The Plantation Equestrian and Polo Club – 11 minutes 
  • Miracle Garden – 13 minutes 
  • Dubai International Stadium – 14 minutes 
  • Global Village – 14 minutes 
  • IMG World – 14 minutes 
  • Hamdan Sports Complex – 15 minutes 
  • First Avenue Mall – 11 minutes 
  • City Centre Me’aisem – 14 minutes
  • Mall of the Emirates – 24 minutes
  • Al Maktoum International Airport – 28 minutes
  • Jebel Ali School – 5 minutes 
  • Fairgreen International School – 11 minutes
Payment Plan:

Venice Damac Lagoon is offering an attractive 80/20 payment plan for both local and international clients interested in purchasing their luxurious Italian-inspired villas. This payment plan allows buyers to make an initial deposit of only 20 percent of the total unit price as a downpayment. 

The remaining amount can be paid in convenient installments. The aim of this flexible payment scheme is to provide ease and flexibility to buyers, enabling them to secure their desired property while spreading out the remaining balance over a convenient period.

Master Plan:

Venice Damac Lagoon offers a collection of spacious villas with sweeping views of the lagoons and stunning monochromatic architecture inspired by the quintessential Italian city. The development aims to create a floating city-inspired atmosphere with premium waterfront amenities and exclusive residential units. The Venice cluster within DAMAC Lagoons aims to provide a luxurious lifestyle in one of the most developing areas of Dubai. 

The project is being developed by DAMAC Properties and aims to bring the essence of Mediterranean destinations, particularly Venice, to Dubai. The community of Venice Damac Lagoon offers a wide range of amenities and recreational avenues, including water sports activities, leisure design amenities, and access to kayaking, sailing, and paddle surfing. 

It also features green pathways with jogging and cycling tracks, providing residents with ample opportunities for outdoor activities. The development aims to provide residents with a vibrant and romantic living experience, reminiscent of the beauty and charm of Venice, Italy. 

Types of Units:

The large, luxurious villas in Venice offer an unparalleled experience with their breathtaking views of the mesmerizing lagoons. These magnificent villas showcase a stunning and monochromatic architectural style that is deeply influenced by Italy rich culture. 

The property sizes of these Venice villas vary from 3,367 square feet to an impressive 18,217 square feet, providing ample space for residents to indulge in a lavish lifestyle. Venice Damac Lagoon Italian-inspired villa designs offer a range of possibilities, from classic styles to contemporary interpretations.

With features like glass elements, open spaces, balconies, and elegant porches, these designs capture the essence of Italian architecture while catering to different preferences. 

  • 6-Bedroom Villas 
  • 7-Bedroom Villas 

Floor Plans:

Drawing inspiration from the timeless allure of Venice, Italy, Venice Damac Lagoons showcases spacious villas adorned with monochromatic architecture and expansive views of the lagoons. 

Interiors adorned with black and grey marble create an ambiance of Italian luxury. The skillful incorporation of green and gold accent colors, along with the clever use of indirect lighting and wood panels, elevate the living experience to a truly sublime level. The combination of these elements creates a sophisticated and visually pleasing interior design.

Black and grey marble, known for its elegance and timeless beauty, serves as the foundation for the interior. The careful attention to detail and the use of high-quality materials exemplify the pursuit of uncompromising quality and timeless design, characteristic of Italian luxury interiors.

Facilities and Amenities:

Venice at Damac Lagoon by Damac Properties Dubai is a Damac Lagoon cluster located in the prestigious city of Dubai. This luxurious enclave is renowned for its exquisite Italian-inspired townhouses and villas, which exude elegance and sophistication. The community offers a range of facilities and amenities that enhance the living experience for its residents.

  • Gondola rides
  • Water surfing activities
  • Live entertainment arena
  • Waterside cafe
  • Shopping Centre
  • Sandy Beach Areas
  • Retail Outlets
  • Kids Play Area
  • Swimming Pool
  • Fully-equipped Gyms
  • Waterside Clubhouse
  • Cafes and Retail Promenade
Why Venice Damac Lagoons?

The Venice cluster within the DAMAC Lagoons project, developed by DAMAC Properties in the UAE. Offers a captivating living experience reminiscent of the beautiful Italian city of Venice. This cluster presents an assortment of luxurious standalone villas, boasting 6 to 7 bedrooms and a range of exquisite features. Venice Villa’s architecture seamlessly blends old-world charm with contemporary elements, showcasing a harmonious fusion of the past and the present. 

The allure of the villas lies in their ability to capture the essence of Venice’s architectural heritage. While offering modern amenities and luxuries. Renovated with meticulous attention to detail. These villas exemplify the art of preserving tradition while embracing the comforts of the present. 

The careful addition of green and gold accent colors brings a touch of opulence and warmth to the surroundings. These villas capture the essence of Venetian architecture while offering a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity. Creating an unforgettable retreat in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. 

  • Offers access to a range of amenities and themed activity hubs
  • Property available on a freehold basis
  • Situated within the larger DAMAC Lagoons community
  • Opportunity to avail Golden Visa 

Q1. What is Venice at DAMAC Lagoons? 

Ans: Venice at DAMAC Lagoons is a luxurious waterfront development in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It offers Italian-inspired townhouses and villas with a fusion of contemporary and traditional elements, creating a charming and romantic living experience.

Q2: Who is the developer of Venice DAMAC Lagoons? 

Ans: The developer of Venice DAMAC Lagoons is DAMAC Properties Dubai, a premier luxury property developer in Dubai with a reputation for delivering iconic residential, commercial, and leisure properties.

Q3: Where is Venice DAMAC Lagoons located? 

Ans: Venice DAMAC Lagoons is situated within a master-planned community in the vibrant city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is strategically located at the crossroads of Hessa Street (D61) and Sheikh Zayed Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan Street (D54), providing convenient connectivity and easy access to major Dubai highways.

Q4: What are the amenities and facilities available at Venice DAMAC Lagoons? 

Ans: The amenities and facilities available at Venice DAMAC Lagoons include gondola rides, water surfing activities, a live entertainment arena, waterside cafes, a shopping center, sandy beach areas, retail outlets, a kids play area, swimming pools, fully-equipped gyms, a waterside clubhouse, cafes, and a retail promenade.

Q5: What is the payment plan for Venice DAMAC Lagoons? 

Ans: Venice DAMAC Lagoons offers an attractive 80/20 payment plan. Buyers can make an initial deposit of only 20 percent of the total unit price as a downpayment, and the remaining amount can be paid in convenient installments. This flexible payment scheme aims to provide ease and flexibility to buyers.

Q6: What are the unit types available at Venice DAMAC Lagoons? 

Ans: The unit types available at Venice DAMAC Lagoons are 6-bedroom villas and 7-bedroom villas. These villas offer spacious living spaces and a range of features such as private gardens, balconies, staff rooms, and other amenities depending on the villa layout.

Q7: What is the completion date for Venice DAMAC Lagoons?

Ans: The completion date for Venice DAMAC Lagoons is scheduled for December 2025.

Q8: Is Venice DAMAC Lagoons available for freehold ownership? 

Ans: Yes, the properties in Venice DAMAC Lagoons are available for freehold ownership, offering buyers the opportunity to own their luxurious Italian-inspired villas.


AED 1.9M

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AED 756,000

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AED 6.2M

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AED 2.4M

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AED 1.3M

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AED 2.8M

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