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Haven by Aldar Properties at Dubailand

Haven by Aldar Summary

Starting From

AED 2,500,000

  • Property Type: Villa
  • Property Type: Townhouse
  • Down Payment: 5%
  • Unit type: 4 to 6 Bedroom
  • Unit type: 3 & 4 Bedroom
  • Payment Plan: 70/30
  • Size 2,997 to 9,114 Sq Ft.
  • Size 2,280 to 3,151 Sq Ft.
  • Handover: Q3 - 2027
Haven by Aldar Properties at Dubailand

Haven by Aldar Properties

Haven by Aldar Properties stands as a testament to luxury living and community-wide wellness in the heart of Dubailand. This newly unveiled residential development offers an array of living options, from sophisticated apartments to spacious villas and cozy townhouses. Situated in close proximity to key thoroughfares such as Emirates Road and Zayed Bin Hamdan al Nahyan Street, homeowners can effortlessly access Dubai’s most famous attractions, such as the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Marina, which are only a quick 25-minute drive away. Haven is unique because of its creative idea, which prioritizes luxury and well-being. 

The community is designed around a gently flowing stream, providing a tranquil ambiance, complemented by a dedicated facility for wellness activities and a beautifully maintained park for relaxation. Aldar Haven commitment to environmental responsibility is evident through energy-efficient systems, native landscaping, and smart technologies such as environmental monitoring and community access control. With 2428 thoughtfully crafted units, Haven by Aldar Properties redefines modern living, offering a harmonious blend of nature, luxury, and holistic well-being for its residents.

Key Features

  • Luxury collection of apartments, villas, and townhouses.
  • Meticulously designed aspects for enhancing residents’ quality of life.
  • Flowing stream within the community creating a calming ambiance.
  • Dedicated facility for wellness activities, promoting a healthy lifestyle.
  • Serene and well-maintained park for relaxation and leisure activities.
  • Commitment to environmental responsibility, including energy and water efficiency.


The ideal location of Haven Aldar within Dubailand seamlessly combines serenity with convenience. Positioned near E611 (Emirates Road) and D54 (Zayed Bin Hamdan al Nahyan Street), residents benefit from effortless access to Dubai’s main routes. Just a brief 25-minute drive away lie two renowned landmarks: the magnificent Burj Khalifa and the lively Dubai Marina. This strategic positioning guarantees a perfect balance between the excitement of urban living and the peace of natural surroundings, creating a harmonious living experience for all residents.

  • 12 Minutes – Miracle Garden
  • 22 Minutes – Palm Jumeirah
  • 25 Minutes – Mall of Emirates
  • 25 Minutes – Burj Khalifa
  • 25 Minutes – Dubai Marina

Payment Plan

Aldar Haven at Dubailand investment journey is made seamless with its flexible payment plans, ensuring a stress-free path to wellness-centric living. Prospective residents are empowered with diverse options tailored to their financial needs, fostering accessibility for a wider audience. The 60/40 payment plan for serene villas and park haven townhomes, and the 70/30 structure for elite haven villas, provide the freedom to choose according to individual preferences. This approach enables families and individuals to embrace the luxurious lifestyle Haven offers without compromising their financial stability. Aldar Properties commitment to affordability underscores its dedication to making well-being and high-quality living a reality for everyone, creating an inclusive community experience.

Haven By Aldar Payment Plan
Haven By Aldar Payment Plan
Master Plan

Haven by Aldar Properties master plan is a testament to innovative urban design, seamlessly blending luxury, well-being, and community living. Every detail of this meticulously crafted plan reflects Aldar’s unwavering commitment to creating a harmonious living environment. The focal point, the Wellness Centre, stands as the epitome of holistic health, strategically placed amidst the tranquility of the Central Park. Green spaces weave throughout the layout, intertwining nature with modern living spaces, fostering a sense of calm and connection. 

Thoughtful integration of facilities like retail spaces, sports areas, and leisure zones ensures that residents have everything they need at their doorstep, enhancing convenience and community interaction. Master plan of Haven Aldar envisions not just residences but a thriving, interconnected community, where well-being isn’t just a concept but a way of life, making the project an exemplary model for future residential developments.

Unit Types

The offered unit types at the Aldar Haven at Dubailand are:

  • 4 bedroom villas
  • 5 bedroom villas
  • 6 bedroom villas
  • 3 bedroom townhouses
  • 4 bedroom townhouses
Floor Plan

To accommodate a wide range of tastes, Aldar Haven provides a variety of living options. Choose between the elegant 3 to 4-bedroom Park Haven townhouses, the roomy 4 to 6-bedroom Elite Haven villas, or the cozy 3 to 5-bedroom Serene villas. Each unit is meticulously designed, paying careful attention to detail to optimize living spaces. Whether you prefer the spacious luxury of the Elite Haven villas, the cozy ambiance of the Serene villas, or the contemporary style of the Park Haven townhouses, every residence serves as a haven of comfort and convenience for its residents. The project ensures that regardless of your lifestyle or family size, there’s a perfect home tailored to meet your needs and desires.


Haven by Aldar Properties redefines modern living with a comprehensive array of facilities that cater to every aspect of residents’ well-being and recreation. The Wellness Centre fosters holistic health, complemented by cutting-edge Air Fitness facilities. Haven Central Park serves as the community’s vibrant heart, while the Plunge Pool offers relaxation in a tranquil setting. Sports enthusiasts enjoy the Basketball Court and Padel Haven, ensuring active lifestyles. Run & Ride Tracks provide invigorating exercise opportunities, while the Meditation Pavilion offers peaceful moments. 

Kids delight in the Splash Pool, and families connect with nature through the Nature Trail and Picnic Patch. Retail Therapy meets shopping needs, and Zen Gardens provide serene escapes. The amenities enrich daily life, making it an exceptional place to call home.

  • Retail Outlets
  • Gym
  • Swimming Pool
  • Parking Area
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Children Play Area
  • Cycling trails
  • Jogging trails
  • BBQ Area
  • Lush Green Parks
Why Choose Heaven by Aldar?

Choosing Aldar by Haven at Dubailand means embracing a lifestyle that harmoniously combines luxury, well-being, and community living. Choosing the current development means investing in more than just a home; it’s investing in a lifestyle that promotes happiness, health, and harmony, making it an exceptional choice for those seeking a unique and enriching living experience in Dubai.

Here are the compelling reasons to choose Aldar Properties as your home:

  • Wellness-Centric Living
  • Diverse Living Options
  • Strategic Location
  • Innovative Design
  • Flexible Payment Plans
  • Attention to Detail

Q1. What amenities does Haven by Aldar offer?

Ans: Haven by Aldar offers amenities such as a Wellness Centre, Meditation Pavilion, and sports facilities, ensuring a holistic living experience.

Q2. How is Haven’s payment plan structured?

Ans: Haven offers flexible payment plans, including 60/40 for serene villas and 70/30 for elite haven villas, accommodating diverse financial preferences.

Q3. What sets Haven apart from other residential developments in Dubailand? 

Ans: Haven distinguishes itself with its focus on community-wide wellness, innovative design integrating green spaces, and a strategic location offering urban vibrancy alongside natural tranquility.


AED 8.0 M

/ Starting From

AED 805,000

/ Starting From

AED 2.5 M

/ Starting From

AED 2.8 M

/ Starting From