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Damac Riverside Amenities

Damac Riverside by Damac Properties is a luxurious residential project in a prime location in Dubai. Damac Riverside offers a wide range of luxurious townhouses and villas near the upcoming World’s Largest Airport: Al Maktoum International Airport. Riverside offers unparalleled comfort and luxury integrated with top-notch amenities and facilities. 

This blog highlights the premium and world-class amenities and facilities offered by Damac Riverside to its residents.

Top-Notch Amenities:

Damac Riverside offers a wide range of world-class amenities and facilities to upscale the living standards of its residents. The amenities are classified into two groups: Green Vein Amenities and Water Vein Amenities.

Green Vein Amenities:

Green Vein Amenities grasp the greenery side of luxury with eco-friendly and well-planned amenities and offer a haven to reconnect with nature and enjoy a healthy life. Damac Riverside features various amenities expertly placed to support the mind, body, and soul. These amenities are further divided into three main focused areas i.e. Food and well-being, Health and Activity, and Social and Culture. The prominent green vein amenities are:

Culinary Classes:

Culinary classes are one of the amenities or facilities that lie in Food and Well-being. Through culinary classes, residents upscale their culinary skills by utilizing organic ingredients from hydroponic farms and learning about nutritious food choices to enhance their dietary routines.

Live BBQ station:

Damac Riverside offers live cooking and a BBQ station featuring a private chef. Residents can enjoy the ambiance of live cooking with their family and friends in spacious and luxurious outdoor settings.

Hydroponic Farms:

Hydroponic farms are one of the unique amenities provided by Damac Riverside. It offers an opportunity to its residents a healthier coastal life with fresh and organic vegetation uprooted in hydroponic farms.

Zen Spa:

The residents enjoy the calmness and tranquility of Dubai in the Zen Spa facility. It offers restorative massages, holistic therapies, and calming meditation sessions to its residents. 

Calisthenic Stations:

Damac Riverside offers strategically placed Calisthenic Stations to its residents. It features fully equipped TRX training, providing a wide range of exercises to its residents. Moreover, an organic bar in calisthenic stations offers natural and organic ingredients that help residents to maintain their health routine.

Peace Room:

Peace Rooms are dedicated rooms designed to enhance the comfortable living experience of its residents. It promotes healthy sleep habits and leisure places, upscaling the quality of lifestyle of its residents. 


A clubhouse is a community hub where the whole community gathers and interacts with each other. It features a club with co-working areas, state-of-the-art gymnasiums, and fitness centers, an outdoor cinema, an arcade, and a bowling hall.


The amphitheater is the natural environment designated for regular events, meetings, gatherings, and parties.

Game Zones:

Damac Riverside presents game zones where tranquility meets with mindful movements. The residents enjoy inner peace and physical satisfaction at game zones and yoga studios. 

Water Vein Amenities:

Water Vein Amenities embrace the waterfront activities, ensuring that every moment of its residents is filled with pleasure and relaxation. Similar to green vein amenities, water vein amenities are also categorized into three focused areas of living. The important and notable water vein amenities are:

Portofino Ristorante:

Damac Riverside offers Italian-inspired restaurants, where the Italian tastes meld with the luxury of coastal life. The restaurant features the essence of la Dolce Vita, waterfront views, and a vibrant atmosphere. The residents take a boat to restaurants and enjoy every moment in authentic Italian style. 

Island Restaurant: 

Island Restaurant is a unique dining area amidst natural beauty and stunning views of the surroundings, offering a distinctive dining experience to the residents of Damac Riverside.

Fitness on Water:

Damac Riverside provides an eccentric fitness center on the water. It comprises advanced marine fitness facilities combined with creativity, functionality, and aesthetic allure for an unparalleled exercise experience.

Essential Oil Lakes:

Damac Riverside possesses a private oil-water environment that is boosted by the pleasant aroma of essential oils, the tranquility of seawater, and the soothing touch of hot water.

A Proposal Deck:

Damac Riverside designed a special floating deck to make your proposal day, a memorable moment of your life. The proposal deck features magnificent waterfront views and provides an ideal environment for irreplaceable experience.

Floating Opera:

Damac Riverside represents floating opera, a well-placed floating platform intended to entertain its residents by presenting operas and musical events.

Floating Cinema:

Damac Riverside features a floating cinema that provides a unique blend of cinematic entertainment, strategically placed amidst serene natural surroundings.

Other Amenities:

Besides green vein amenities and water vein amenities, Damac Riverside offers several amenities that nurture the diverse needs and preferences of its residents. Other prominent amenities are:

Swimming Pools:

Damac Riverside offers a variety of swimming pools, including infinity pools to enjoy the skyline of the city. The pools are surrounded by lush green surroundings, creating tranquility where residents relax and enjoy.

Sport Facilities:

Damac Riverside provides a wide range of sports facilities for sportsmen. There are professionally designed tennis courts, basketball courts, and squash courts. Moreover, a jogging track nestled with a lush green garden provides scenic trails for runners.

Family Friendly Facilities:

By focusing on privacy, Damac Riverside also offers amenities and facilities designed for families and different age groups. Kids play areas dedicated to children where they can play in a secure area. The development also features educational facilities such as daycare centers and nurseries, offering ease for working residents.

Convenience and Connectivity:

The locality of Damac Riverside is near the upcoming World’s largest airport and is located beside Al Jebel and Emirates Road, offering convenience and connectivity to major landmarks, and tourist and public attraction places. The residents can easily navigate the neighborhood and reach the metropolitan areas within a few minutes of driving.

Final Words:

Damac Riverside presents a luxurious waterfront living style integrated with premier amenities to enhance the coastal living experience of its residents. With a luxurious interior, top-notch amenities, world-class facilities, and strategic location, Damac Riverside offers an unparalleled living experience.

Whether you are looking for luxurious living or an attractive investment opportunity, Damac Riverside covers every aspect of an allure development marvel.